UP Board Class 10th Science Solved Guess Paper;Set-I

In this article you will get solved guess papers for UP Board Class 10th Science. The guess paper have been prepared by the subject experts after the brief analysis of previous year question papers and the latest examination format.

Some Salient features of this Solved Guess Paper are:

1. Strictly follows the latest examination pattern and UP Board marking scheme

2. Focuses upon the questions which are of immense importance from exam point of view

3. Offers detailed explanations and solutions to each and every question

4. Perfect and reliable material for testing your exam preparedness

5. Helps in building student's confidence for the final assessment, board exams 2019.

Practicing the UP Board class 10th Science guess paper given here will help you understand the depth with which a topic should be studied in order to prepare more effectively for the upcoming UP Board class 10th exam 2019 and get desired results.

Structure of UP Board Class 10 Science Guess Paper 2019 :

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Type of question

Number of question

Marks of each question

Total marks

Multiple choice questions




Very short questions




Short questions




Long question





Total = 29


Total = 70

UP Board Class 10 Science Guess Paper provided in this article will not only help the students to acquaint with the important topics and questions to be prepared for the UP Board class 10th exam but also give them a preview of the board exam question paper.

Some questions from the solved guess paper are given below:

Each and every question of this guess paper has been provided with a detailed explanations which will help students to understand what & how much they must write in UP Board class 10th board exam to score maximum marks. To take maximum benefits from this paper, students should put an honest effort to solve the paper and cross check their answers with the solutions provided with this guess paper.

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