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UP Board Class 12 Business Organization & Correspondence Exam 2019: Check Question Paper

Mayank Uttam

Question paper of UP Board Exam 2019, Class 12 Business Organization & Correspondence subject is available here for download in PDF format. This paper was held today (i.e. 16 February 2019). This paper will be helpful for the students who are going to appear for this exam in the future.

Questions from Business Organization & Correspondence paper (UP Board Class 12 Board Exam 2019):

Choose and write the correct answer of the following questions in your answer book :


1. Letter of inquiry in written by

 (i) Buyer

(ii) Seller

(iii) Agent

(iv) None of them.

2. Foreign trade is

(i) trade between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

(ii) trade between Kanpur and Lucknow

(iii) trade between India and Japan

(iv)  none of these.

3. Charter Party is used

(i) in Import Business

(ii) in Export Trade

(iii) in Internal Trade

(iv) none of these.

4. Import Export Control Act came into force

(i) in 1949

(ii) in 1947

(iii) in 1950

(iv) in 1971

5. Foreign Invoice is prepared in

(i) two copies

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(ii) three copies

(iii) four copies

(iv) five copies.

6. Business includes

(i) Trade

(ii) Industry

(iii) Commerce

(iv) All of these.

7. Management is

(i) a science

(ii) an art

(iii) both science and art

(iv) none of these.

8. The main function(s) of management is/ are

(i) Planning

(ii) Organising

(iii) Controlling

(iv) All of these.

9 Rotary Machine is known as

(i) Electrostat machine

(ii) Photostat machine

(iii) Rotating machine

(iv) None of these.

10. SEBI was established is

(i) 1992

(ii) 1990

(iii) 1995

(iv) 2000




All the questions are available in PDF of the paper

Download Question Paper of UP Board Class 12 Board Exam 2019 (Business Organization & Correspondence)

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