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UP Board class 12th English-B second paper 2018

Tabassum Ara

UP Board Class 12th English-B second paper was conducted on February 27, 2018. In this article you will get to know about UP Board class 12th English second test paper including the marking scheme, type of questions as well as few example questions for students understanding.

Important note: The students from Science group only appeared for second paper which had code 615 (HK) for UP Board class 12th English Exam. Check here all about the question paper as mentioned on this page below –

Key features of UP Board class 12th English Second Paper:

The second paper of UP Board class 12th was of total of 3 hours 15 minutes of which 15 minutes were provided so that students could read and go through the test paper before starting the exam. Read here other important features of the test paper –  


Example questions from UP Board class 12th English First paper:

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Write a summary of the following passage in about 60 words:

Human beings are designed to do things. To lock a man up and let him do nothing is one of the most cruel punishment we can give him. If a man has so much money that he does not need to work, he has to invent work for himself. He does not need to fight wild animals or hunt for food, but he hunts foxes or deer for the fun of a. If however, he is an intelligent man, he knows that these activities cannot satisfy him for long Use two of the following idioms/phrases in sentences of your own :

i) To be born with silver spoon

ii) Die in harness

iii) To and fro

iv) Hue and cry

v) Time and tide.

Correct three of the following sentences : 

i) Please put your sign here.

ii) Knock on the door.

iii) My son cannot get through in the examination.

iv) This food tastes sweetly.

v) He wrote a best book.

vi) I saw a bird wounded.

Marking Scheme for UP Board class 12th English Paper II:

Students can check here type of questions and marking scheme for each question from the test paper –

Question 1: This question was divided into a, b, c and d. For part (a), the questions were based on speech and students were required to change form of speech. For part (b), the questions were based on sentence completion.  For part (c) the students had to transform the given sentences and for part (d), students needed to identify and correct the errors given in the sentences.

Question 2: In this question, students were provided 3 phrases and they were required to select any of the options and make sentences in their own language (English) so as to interpret the correct meaning of the phrase.

Question 3: The question was also divided into four questions. For question (a) opposite words were to be answered for every word, question (b) was based on synonyms i.e. the same words, for question (c), sentences were provided and students had to write relevant and most suitable word for the sentences and for question (d) students had to make sentences based on the given words.

Question 4: This question was divided into three parts as well and students had to choose one part to write answers. In first part, the questions were to be translated. In Part II, for first question students had to write in their own language after understanding the given poem and in the second question the students had to write the summary of the given sentences. In third question students were provided sentences and they had to make sentences, express its correct meaning as well as correct the errors of the selected sentences. In third part, students were provided 3 questions – for first question students had to write an essay; in the second question, they had to identify the author of the literature and write their name and in the last question three options were given and students were required to write answer in their own language

Question 5: This was a debate writing question.

Question 6: Students had to write letter from the two options provided.

Question 7: This was summary based question and students had to write answers for the relevant questions asked.

UP Board Class 12th English First Question Paper 2018

Marking scheme for UP Board class 12th English second paper

Question number


Q. 1

8 marks

Q. 2

3 marks

Q. 3

4 marks

Q. 4

15 marks

Q. 5

10 marks

Q. 6

5 marks

Q. 7

5 marks


50 marks

Click here, to get complete question paper.

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