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UPSC Civil Services Topper Ira Singhal trolled; Know what she has to say to IAS Aspirants

Rupali Pruthi

UPSC Civil Services Exam IAS topper Ira Singhal was victimised and trolled on Social Media, as evident in the post shared by her on Social Media platform Facebook. After being verbally abused by a man on social media, Ira responded by taking a dig at her own disability, “Unfortunately someone who cannot be bullied is being attempted to be bullied.” Check her complete Facebook post below. Ira suffers from a spine-related disorder ‘Scoliosis’, which disrupts her arm movement.

Ira is a UPSC Civil Services topper of 2014 batch. Ira topped the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2014 and became the first to top the General Category despite being differently-abled. However, this was not her first attempt. She had previously attempted the UPSC Exam in 2010, 2011 and 2013. In her first three attempts, she got into the IRS (Indian Revenue Service).

Though Ira secured 815th rank in 2010, she was not posted because of her disability. It was purely her hard work and determination that brought her applauds in 2014 after she topped the IAS 2014 exam. Iran is a B.Tech Engineer from Delhi's NSIT and an MBA from FMS, a highly reputed management institution of Delhi. She worked in ‘Cadbury India’ before getting into the All India Revenue Services.

Ira Singhal’s advice to UPSC Civil Services aspirants:

- Undertaking coaching is a personal choice and it differs from person to person.

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Have a look at her Facebook post:

Ira Singhal’s Facebook post

While sharing the screenshots of the abusive conversation, Ira wrote:

For anyone who thinks people with disabilities don't have to face anything, as the world is nice and kind - just sharing someone's comments from my Instagram account. A face of cyber-bullying. Unfortunately someone who cannot be bullied is being attempted to be bullied. And this is probably a person who wants to be a Civil Servant. This is why we need Inclusive Schools and this is why we need our education system to focus on producing better human beings more than anything else.

EDIT 1 : Thanks everyone for your kind words. A lot of people are asking that I get him punished. There are a few things to that - 1. Getting punished doesnt change your mentality. He will not suddenly become a great person. All that will happen is that our anger gets satisfied. What really needs to be done, is to help people change their mentality and attitude towards disabilities and abilities. 2. We think what he said is wrong. If we think so because we are talking about the fact that he is trying to abuse someone without cause then yes he is wrong. But if we think he is wrong because that word is bad, then we need to make that word become ok. Let us realise that being disabled - andha, behra, kubda, etc are not bad things. These words are bad if we think being that way is bad. So let us be clear that words are bad if we think being like this is bad.

But oh yes, attempting Cyber-bullying is bad and must not be tolerated. Unfortunately he picked someone who cannot be bullied.

To view the complete post and screenshots, Click here

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