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UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam General Science Study Material: Check Important BIology/ Chemistry/ Physics Topics & Questions with Answers For Recruitment Test (RT)

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UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam General Science Study Material: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has postponed EPFO 2021 Exam and will release the new exam dates on its official website - The written Exam will be conducted in offline mode across different exam centres for recruitment to 421 posts of Enforcement Officer/ Accounts Officer in Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), M/o Labour and Employment.

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The Recruitment Test (RT) will be an Offline Exam (Pen & Paper Based) consisting of Objective Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

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Total Marks/ Duration

Recruitment Test (Offline)

(a) General English – To evaluate candidate’s understanding of English language and workman – like use of words

(b) Indian Freedom Struggle

(c) Current Events and Developmental Issues

(d) Indian Polity and Economy

(e) General Accounting Principles

(f) Industrial Relations and Labour Laws

 (g) General Science and

Knowledge of Computer Applications

 (h) General Mental Ability & Quantitative Aptitude

 (i) Social Security in India

300 Marks

(2 Hours)

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a) The test will be of two hours duration.

b) All questions will carry equal marks.

c) The test will be objective type questions with multiple choices of answer.

d) The medium of the test will be both Hindi and English.

e) 1/3rd marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

f) PwD candidates shall be allowed compensatory time of 20 minutes per hour in the RT and facility of Scribe

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UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam - Important General Science Topics

Here are some important topics from the General Science Subject of UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam:



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General Science

Biology- Important and Interesting facts about human body parts, Nutrition in Animals and Plants, Diseases and their causes like Bacteria;

Physics - S.I. units, Motion, Sound, Light, Wave, Energy, Electricity;

Chemistry - Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses, Chemical Name of Important substances like Plaster of Paris, etc., Chemical Change and Physical Change, Properties of Gases, Surface Chemistry, Chemistry in Everyday life; Daily Science

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UPSC EPFO 2021 Exam - Important Questions for General Science

Below are some important questions covering the main concepts of General Science:

1. Which one of the following materials is not diamagnetic at Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)?

(a) Nitrogen

(b) Sodium chloride

(c) Water

(d) Iron

Answer: D

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2. Which one of the following gases has the highest solubility in water?

(a) Chlorine

(b) Ammonia

(c) Carbon dioxide

(d) Nitrogen

Answer: B

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3. Bleaching powder contains

(a) nitrogen

(b) iodine

(c) chlorine

(d) bromine

Answer: C

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4. What is the causal agent of Chikungunya?

(a) Non-chiorophyllous bacterium

(b) Nematode

(c) Virus

(d) Fungus

Answer: C

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5. Bio-remediation is a technology that is being extensively utilized in controlling

(a) global warming

(b) melting of glaciers

(c) ozone depletion

(d) heavy metal pollutions

Answer: D

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6. Beauty of some historical monuments is greatly affected by the growth of certain living organisms. These living organisms belong to which one of the following groups?

(a) Amphibious plants

(b) Lichens

(c) Bacteria

(d) Viruses

Answer: B

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7. Which one of the following has the characteristics of both an animal as well as a plant?

(a) Fern

(b) Moss

(c) Earthworm

(d) Euglena

Answer: D

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8. In order to save the stored food grains from insects, farmers usually mix with them

(a) Neem leaves

(b) Mango leaves

(c) Peepal leaves

(d) Orange leaves

Answer: A

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9. The term ‘Carbon footprint’ means

(a) A region which is rich in coal mines

(b) The amount of reduction in the emission of CO2 by a country

(c) The use of Carbon in manufacturing industries

(d) The amount of greenhouse gases produced by our day-to-day activities

Answer: D

10. In the study of pollution, SPM refers to

(a) Sulphur Phosphorus Matter

(b) Sulphur Particulate Matter

(c) Solid Particulate Matter

(d) Suspended Particulate Matter

Answer: D

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