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UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Detailed Syllabus for GS Paper III (Economics, Environment & Technology)

Sakshi Saroha

UPSC: The UPSC Civil Services (Mains) examination 2020 will begin from January 8, 2021. The UPSC Mains syllabus comprises of four GS Papers, Essay, and two Optional papers. All the mains papers are descriptive in nature. The GS Paper 3 of the UPSC Mains Exam includes Economics, Environment, Science & Technology, and Internal Security. In this article, we have provided the of UPSC Mains 2020 GS Paper 3 syllabus in detail.

UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Previous Years Question Papers (GS Paper III) 2019 to 2008

UPSC IAS Mains General Studies Paper III Syllabus

Economic Development

Indian Economy and related issues 

Development and Employment

Government Budgeting


Major Crops

Irrigation Systems

Public Distribution System

Science & Technology

Developments & their Applications

Intellectual Property Rights



Environmental Pollution

Disaster Management

Internal Security

Challenges to Internal Security

Cyber Security

Security Challenges in Border Areas

 UPSC IAS Mains GS Paper III: Economics Syllabus

Indian Economy and related issues

Trending Now

➨ Government Budgeting

➨ Land Reforms in India

➨ Changes In Industrial Policy

➨ Infrastructure Development

 UPSC IAS Mains GS Paper III: Agriculture Syllabus

➨ Major Crops and Cropping Patterns

➨ Types of Irrigation & Irrigation Systems Storage

➨ Transport & Marketing of Agricultural Produce

➨ E-Technology and Technology Missions Related to Agriculture

➨ Direct & Indirect Farm Subsidies & Minimum Support Prices

➨ Public Distribution System

➨ Issues of Buffer Stocks & Food Security

➨ Food Processing & Related Industries in India

UPSC IAS Mains GS Paper III: Science & Technology Syllabus

➨ Developments & their Applications

Chemicals used in Food


Cleansing Agents

➨ Important Indian Names associated with Science & Technology

New Technology

➨ Intellectual Property Rights

UPSC IAS Mains GS Paper III: Environment & Bio-Diversity Syllabus

➨ What is Biodiversity?

➨ Conservation

➨ Environmental Pollution

➨ Disaster Management

UPSC IAS Mains GS Paper III: Internal Security

➨ Threats from Non-State Actors

➨ Reasons for Spread of Terrorism and State-Sponsored Terrorism

➨ Institutional Framework to Tackle Internal Security Issues

➨ Role of Media & Social Networking Sites 

➨ Cyber Security

➨ Security Challenges & their Management in Border Areas

➨ Various Security Forces & Agencies.

UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Structure of General Studies Paper-III

  1. The pattern of Mains General Studies Paper-III will consist of 20 questions that need to be attempted in a time frame of 3 hours.
  2. The paper is of a total of 250 marks with questions of 10 and 15 marks weightage
  3. The word limit for 10 marks questions is 150 and 15 marks are 250

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