UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Hindi Literature Optional Syllabus

UPSC: UPSC offers Hindi as an optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. The Hindi Literature optional syllabus includes the development of the Devanagari script from ancient scripts used in the subcontinent, the development of Hindi as the lingua franca of the country during the freedom movement, and Hindi grammar in its entirety. It also focuses on literary criticism of various works in Hindi and a number of prominent writers and their works. Hindi has a number of dialects, the literature of which are included in the UPSC Syllabus. Candidates with a strong Hindi literature academic background and who have an interest in reading novels and poetry collections should take up Hindi Literature as optional. Both the papers of Hindi literature optional should be attempted in the Hindi language only.

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UPSC Optional Syllabus for Hindi Literature Paper I

Section A

1.History of Hindi Language and Nagari Lipi.

Section B

  1. History of Hindi Literature.

A : Adikal-Sidh, Nath and Raso Sahitya.Prominent poets-Chandvardai, Khusaro, Hemchandra, Vidyapati.

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B : Bhaktikal-Sant Kavyadhara, Sufi Kavyadhara, Krishna Bhaktidhara and Ram Bhaktidhara.

Prominent Poets-Kabir, Jayasi, Sur & Tulsi.

C: Ritikal-Ritikavya, Ritibaddhakavya & Riti Mukta Kavya.

Prominent Poets-Keshav, Bihari, Padmakar and Ghananand.

D : Adhunik Kal

  1. Renaissance, the development of Prose, Bharatendu Mandal.
  2. Prominent Writers : Bharatendu, Bal Krishna Bhatt & Pratap Narain Mishra.
  3. Prominent trends of modern Hindi Poetry : Chhayavad, Pragativad, Proyogvad, Nai Kavita, Navgeet and Contemporary poetry and Janvadi Kavita.

Prominent Poets : Maithili Sharan Gupta, Prasad, Nirala, Mahadevi, Dinkar, Agyeya, Muktibodh, Nagarjun.

  1. Katha Sahitya
  1. Drama & Theatre
  1. Criticism
  1. The other forms of Hindi prose-Lalit Nibandh, Rekhachitra, Sansmaran, Yatra-vrittant.

UPSC Optional Syllabus for Hindi Literature Paper-II

This examination paper will require first-hand reading of prescribed texts and will test the critical ability of the candidates.

Section A

Section B

It is to be noted that all the answers for the Hindi literature optional paper should be attempted in the Hindi language only. The optional subject score plays an important role in the Mains marksheet as the marks scored in this paper help the aspirants to enhance their overall Mains score. 

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