UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Optional Subject Syllabus for Public Administration (Public Ad)

UPSC: UPSC Civil Services Mains exam paper consists of 9 papers out of which Paper VIII and Paper IX. Public Administration for UPSC is one of the 48 subjects given in the UPSC optional list. Public Administration is a popular optional subject among UPSC IAS aspirants because of the nature of the Public Administration syllabus and its implementation in the civil services. An aspirant’s score in the optional subject majorly impacts the overall score of the aspirants in the Mains exam. Hence it is essential to choose an optional subject wisely. Check below the detailed syllabus for both Paper I and Paper II of the Public Administration Optional Paper. 

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UPSC Optional Paper Syllabus for Public Administration - Paper I (Administrative Theory)

  1. Introduction :
  1. Administrative Thought :
  1. Administrative Behaviour:
  1. Organisations:
  1. Accountability and Control :
  1. Administrative Law:
  1. Comparative Public Administration:
  1. Development Dynamics:
  1. Personnel Administration :
  1. Public Policy:
  1. Techniques of Administrative Improvement :
  1. Financial Administration :

Monetary and fiscal policies: 

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UPSC Optional Paper Syllabus for Public Administration - Paper-II (Indian Administration)

  1. Evolution of Indian Administration:
  1. Philosophical and Constitutional framework of Government :
  1. Public Sector Undertakings:
  1. Union Government and Administration:
  1. Plans and Priorities:
  1. State Government and Administration :
  1. District Administration since Independence :
  1. Civil Services :
  1. Financial Management :
  1. Administrative Reforms since Independence :
  1. Rural Development :
  1. Urban Local Government :
  1. Law and Order Administration:
  1. Significant issues in Indian Administration:

Public Administration covers a chunk of the GS papers in the UPSC Mains exam covering a major portion of GS Paper III - Polity and Governance. Choosing this paper as an optional and getting acquainted with the governmental framework where the aspirants might be working in the future, would be a really wise choice.

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