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UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Optional Subject Syllabus for Political Science & International Relations

Sakshi Saroha

UPSC: The Union Public Service Commission offers a list of optional subjects to choose one optional subject from for the UPSC IAS Mains exams. Political Science is one of the commonly opted optional subjects in the exam. The syllabus of Political Science overlaps with other GS Papers and the study material is easily available for the aspirants. In recent years, we have seen many UPSC Toppers who opted for Political Science as their optional. In this article, we have provided a comprehensive UPSC Political Science Syllabus for the UPSC Mains 2020 candidates. 

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UPSC Optional Paper Syllabus for Political Science- Paper I (Political Theory and Indian Politics)

Political Science and International Relations syllabus majorly covers topics related to the Constitution of India, social justice, international organizations, the international economic system and trade, India’s foreign policy, and peacekeeping among others. 

A. Political Theory and Thinkers

  1. Political theory 
  1. Theories of the state
  1. Justice 
  1. Equality 
  1. Rights 
  1. Democracy 
  1. Concept of power
  1. Political Ideologies 
  1. Indian Political Thought 
  1. Western Political Thought 

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B. Indian Government and Politics

  1. Indian Nationalism 
  1. Making of the Indian Constitution
  1. Principal Organs of the Union Government
  1. Principal Organs of the State Government
  1. Statutory Institutions/ Commissions 

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  1. Federalism 
  1. Planning and Economic Development 
  1. Party System 
  1. Social Movements 

UPSC Optional Paper Syllabus for Political Science- Paper I (Comparative Politics and International Relations)

A. Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics

  1. Comparative Politics 
  1. Globalisation 
  1. Key concepts in International Relations 
  1. Changing International Political Order 
  1. Evolution of the International Economic System
  1. United Nations 
  1. Regionalization of World Politics 
  1. Contemporary Global Concerns 

B. India and the World

  1. Indian Foreign Policy 
  1. India and South Asia 
  1. India and the Global South 
  1. India and the Global Centres of Power 
  1. India and the UN System 
  1. India and the Nuclear Questions 
  1. Recent developments in Indian Foreign Policy 

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