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UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Tips to Answer Ethics Case Studies (GS Paper IV)

Sakshi Saroha

UPSC: GS Paper IV (Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude) of the UPSC Mains exam is divided into two sections. Section A covers direct concept related questions which test the candidate’s understanding of ethical issues and concepts related to integrity and aptitude. Section B includes case studies that test the candidate’s application of those concepts to situations involving the candidate and other stakeholders such as politicians, pressure groups, the public, and other people. The Case Study section carries 125 marks.

UPSC IAS Mains 2020: Detailed Syllabus for GS IV (Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude)

Below are a few tips that may help an aspirant during the preparation as well as while attempting the Ethics case study.

  1. Carefully Read and understand the Case Study

To answer and suggest solutions for the situation mentioned in the Case Study, it is important to read the entire case study. Each case study should be read with a pragmatic mind and administrator perspective.

  1. Underline & Note important figures and Highlights while reading: 

While answering the ethics paper, aspirants often lose track of time. This practice leaves less time to answer the case studies. Hence, it is suggested that the candidates should simultaneously note down important facts and speeches which they can include in their answers. 

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  1. Suggest measures based on Ethical Decisions

Every case study revolves around an ethical or social dilemma. Hence, it is suggestive that the candidates should focus on answering the case study based on ethical as well as legal decisions. 

  1. Suggest an option you can Justify in your answer

While writing an answer to a case study, you must express the right personality traits, the practical approach, the balanced state of mind, unbiasedness, alertness of mind, and compassion in you rather than suggesting hypothetical and over the top practical decisions.

  1. Memorize important Ethical Terms and thinkers 

To justify your decision you can take the help of moral philosophers, moral principles like justice, rights, the common good, ethical approaches like duty-based, virtue-based, or utilitarianism. 

The ethics case study can be a tricky section to solve as there is no right answer. The right strategy and balanced approach will help you score well in the GS Paper IV. 

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