UPSC (IAS) Prelims 2020: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Revision Process

UPSC: UPSC Civil Services (Prelims) Exam is scheduled for 4 October 2020. The entire process of the UPSC exam can prove to be daunting and mentally taxing. This leads to nervousness and anxiety among most aspirants a few weeks before the exam which results in making mistakes during the last days of revision. Mistakes are bound to happen in life and perhaps they happen more during the preparation of a tough examination like UPSC Civil Services. These mistakes sometimes cost the aspirants dearly. In this article, we have provided a list of common revision and preparation mistakes a UPSC aspirant usually makes during the last days before the exam and how to avoid them.

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The syllabus prescribed for the UPSC Civil Services exam is wide and thorough. Hence, each time when an aspirant refers to a new website/ magazine/ study source they may find some new information about new study material. It is important for the aspirant to have faith in their preparation and only revise and refer to the sources they studied during the preparation. Avoid referring to any new study material during the revision process. 

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A common mistake aspirants make while preparing for the IAS exam is not adequately covering current affairs or referring to the wrong sources for information. The best sources of UPSC current affairs should be crisp, relevant, easy-to-study. If you have prepared Current Affairs notes, stick to them religiously or else refer to authentic sources like PIB news, The Hindu, Rajya Sabha TV, etc.

This is a common mistake most UPSC aspirants commit. Solving mock tests, not only enhances the speed but also help the aspirants to practice questions in an exam like environment. At times it has been seen that aspirants find 1-2 relatable questions in the UPSC exam. 

Pro tip: Since the UPSC 2020 exam is being conducted in a global pandemic situation, it is advised that aspirants appear in the mock tests while wearing face masks to develop comfort and habit. This will help avoid the alien experience for aspirants during the exam,

It is often seen that the aspirants diligently follow the preparation strategy throughout the year but usually panic a few weeks before the exam. This leads to skipping the study plan and practicing random study. Aspirants should avoid such practice at any cost and should religiously follow a revision strategy including all the static as well as current affairs section. 

Since the UPSC Exam syllabus is vast like an ocean, there is a high probability of the aspirant forgetting what was studied in the beginning. The only way to memorize everything is to make (or get) short notes and revise them regularly. An aspirant must plan the revision schedule in such a manner that there is ample time for multiple revisions before appearing for the paper.

In the long march to the coveted UPSC exam, many aspirants tend to give in to pressures of all kinds. Hence, it is necessary to maintain composure at all times and surround oneself with positive thoughts and people. Keep reminding yourself about your goals and believe in them.

All the best!

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