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UPSC IAS Prelims Exam : Geography Syllabus Explained

Jagran Josh

Geography plays a vital role not only in the IAS Prelims Exam but also in one’s Life. Geography determines various aspects of life. It is the geography through with we can plan for the agriculture and other related thing. Geography is connected in one or the other way with all aspects of life.

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The interrelation of geography with the humanity makes it very important for the IAS Exam also. We can see that around 14 questions were asked in the AIS Prelims Exam 2015 which makes it one of the most scoring area in IAS Prelims.

But the IAS prelims Syllabus only States that only “Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World”. But it is no the comprehensive list of topics which needs to be covered.
We have tried to explain the syllabus of IAS Prelims Geography in the light of the IAS Prelims Exam Previous Year Question Paper.

Regional Geography
    Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Europe

Physical Geography

   Lithosphere –
         Internal structure of Earth,
         Wegner theory,
         Plate Tectonic theory

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    Hydrosphere –
        Bottom relief of the ocean,

Atmosphere –  
        Components and structure,
        temperature and pressure,

Human Geography

Economic Geography

Social Geography

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