UPSEE 2019: Exam on April 21, Check few last minute preparation tips shared by experts

The UPSEE 2019 exam would be conducted in offline mode. In offline mode, students get one question paper along with the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheet. Students have to fill the corresponding bubble after solving the question given on the question paper.

How to score good marks in UPSEE 2019 even when you have not prepared well?

UPSEE 2019 Paper Pattern:

A total of 150 multiple choice questions (50 each from Physics, Chemistry and Maths) will be asked in UPSEE 2019.


Number of Questions














With only 2 days left for UPSEE 2019, students are becoming very nervous about their performance in the exam. Here, we are providing some important tips which will help you to crack UPSEE 2019 with a good score.

1. Revision is very important:

Revision is very necessary for students because it helps to retain different formulae and concepts in brain and recall the same while writing the exam.

2. Focus only on study notes/revision notes:

Study only through self made study notes or revision notes. Students will easily get all important concepts, formulae and tricks at one place. It will also save your precious time.

3. Don’t study any new topic now:

If you start studying any new topic now, you will only get confused. Don’t be over confident about the topics you already have studied. Practice more and more questions based on those topics and improve your speed and accuracy.

4. Make strategies after reading the complete question paper only:

After going through the complete paper, students will get an idea about the difficulty level of all the subjects. Thereafter, students can easily make the strategies to attempt the paper.

5. Stay motivated:

Staying motivated is a difficult task. Many a times it happens that while solving sample papers you are not able to solve a particular problem even after spending more than the required time on that particular question or you are not able to attempt sufficient number of questions in the paper. In such situations you feel tensed and depressed. Don’t take tension, it’s just an exam. If you have prepared well for it, then you will definitely crack it.

How to fill OMR Sheet in UPSEE 2019?

Students always want to know the best way to fill the OMR sheet so that they could complete all the questions before time. Exam experts shared the most efficient way to fill OMR sheet in offline exam. Students can follow any approach given below:

1. Approach based on Time:

Fill the bubbles after a fixed interval of time.

Suppose if the time duration to solve the question paper is 3 hours, then students can make interval of 10 or 15 minutes only for solving a bunch of questions. After solving the questions in that interval, they can fill the bubbles corresponding to the respective questions. It will help students to do maximum questions and fill the bubbles on the OMR sheet correctly without a fumble.

2. Approach based on number of questions:

Fill the bubbles after solving a fixed number of questions.

Suppose there are 150 questions in the question paper, then students can solve 10 or 15 questions in a single go according to their convenience. Thereafter they can fill the bubbles on the OMR sheet.

3. Approach based on number of pages of question paper:

Students can fill the bubbles after solving all the questions given on one page and then fill in the responses for all of them. Suppose there are 20 pages in the question paper, then students can solve the questions of 2 or 3 pages in a single go according to their convenience. Thereafter they can fill the bubbles on the OMR sheet.

UPSEE 2019 Admit Card released at, Contact AKTU to report any discrepancy by April 20

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