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Want to become Database Administrator? Then, here’s the complete guide

Balwant Tripathi

The confidential and important data are valuable and incontrovertible assets for an organisation. And the demand for the Database Administrator will always remain at the highest priority of the organisations, companies, and institutes as long as the data are there. So, there is no doubt whether your future as a Database Administrator is secured or not.

To know all that you need to know for becoming a Database Administrator, keep the reading continue as here we have given all you need to know to embark your career journey as Database Administrator.


As a tech savvy, you may be little bit acquainted with what does a Database Administrator do, but the college students and other common people may not. For those who aren’t aware of the basic responsibilities that one needs to do, here we are enlisting the responsibilities of a Database Administrator.

Required skills

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As a Database Administrator, you need to do all that is required to safeguard the company’s confidential and incontrovertible data while paying heed to the other important aspects related to Database Management. It’s tricky, complex, and of course, heady job that required specific set of what we have cited below as skills.


Any candidate who is having bachelors or master degree in computer science can begin career as Database Administrator. In fact, an associate’s degree or certificate is also sufficient to begin career in this field. Since, the Database Administrators bear the responsibility to secure the highly sensitive and valuable data of the company, so the companies preferably hire those who are highly trained and skilled. For this, we are giving the details of the subjects you need to have at least degree with to enter the field.

Career prospects

With most of the organisation are depending on online database management, the career prospect of those who are having technical skills as well as the management skills will always be bright. As of now, we are increasingly adopting the paperless methods to the meet the daily needs of the office works. And the launch of the sophisticated payment and logistics systems in the industry are also pointing to the increasing opportunities for the Database Administrators in near future. Apart from this, here, we are providing you the list of opportunities that you can grab.

Average salary

As an Oracle Database Administrator, you could be hired by IT companies in India and can earn salary depending on what we mentioning below. 

DBA salary in different cities 

DBA salaries in different states

DBA salaries in different industries

DBA salaries based on different skills

DBA salaries based on certifications


As the requirement for the online database management is growing, so is growing the demand for the Database Administrators. And this isn’t going to be abated as long as confidential and incontrovertible data of different organisation, companies, and corporations are there. Therefore,building career as a Database Administrator will always be relevant and fruitful for long time. Through the article, we have tried to guide those who are looking for right guidance to begin their career as a Database Administrator.

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