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Want To Become Well Recognised Wedding Planner! Here's 'How'

Balwant Tripathi

The venue, DJ or Band, Grand Entrance, First Dance, Theme of the ceremony, budget, and vendors, all these things keep you on your toes during the entire ceremony when you go to plan and execute your marriage rituals on your own. But the same goes exciting, gratifying, and entertaining for a wedding planner who possesses experience on how to organise wedding ceremonies. A wedding planner does all pre-wedding arrangements in a bid to handle unpredictable and troublesome situations. He forms a feasible design for all the segments of a marriage and gets the pre-wedding plans executed within the budget of the client, successfully.

With the growing craze to make the marriage ceremony most memorable for bride, groom and their friends and relatives, the demand for a good wedding planner is increasing day by day. Here's complete roadmap to become a good wedding planner.     

Complete Primary And Secondary Education

Spending childhood days in schools educates and teaches kids for the different front of their life. Same applies to those who to become a wedding planner. Therefore, primary and secondary education is itself a crucial step for becoming a wedding planner. So, complete your primary and secondary education before getting into this.

Learn Specifically What You Want To Become 

Getting primary and secondary educations might fall short for a good wedding planner as the job involves different sets of the responsibilities and actions. So, one requires to have a thorough understanding of what is required. There are several courses that cater the essential knowledge. One must pursue an associated or Bachelor’s degree course in fields like hospitality management, public relation, communication or marketing. The online and classroom wedding consultant courses are also there to enrich one’s knowledge about the event management.

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Further, working in a catering company or event planning company is the way to gain the experience, knowledge, expertise, and skills that would be fruitful.

Increase Your Credibility And Attract More Clients By Getting Certified

Though, it isn’t mandatory for a wedding planner to get certified but it’ll certainly be fruitful. The certification increases the credibility of the professional which finally attracts the more clients.  It can be received through organisation including Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and the Association for Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (A.C.P.W.C).

Begin planning for the weddings of friends and relatives

As far as the eligibility for a wedding planner is concerned, there is no standard criterion. But the skill and experience gained by organising and handling the ceremonial events and marriages always help a beginner who can also sharpen management skills through doing jobs like event management, hospitality and catering, project management, marketing, and public relations.

Skills That Would Help Throughout Your Career Journey

Building career in this offbeat profession isn’t so easy that it could easily be erected. But the same goes smooth for those who continuously sharp their skills by practice. Though, there is no standard recommendation for the skills but there are few things which one should keep in his/her practice if he/she wants to become good wedding planner. The beginners can clinch the highest notch of the success if they begin sharpening their organisational, communication, customer care skills, problem handling, sales and negotiation skills. Apart from these, the beginners must enhance their ability to tackle unexpected problems and to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Attract Clients Using Knowledge Of Sales And Marketing

After getting certified, a wedding planner needs to do all which can attract the clients. The knowledge either practical or theoretical might play well in attracting more clients. Making business cards, informing friends and relatives, posting ads online, and making a website will help the start-ups to grow with sufficient pace. On other hand, reaching out to old contacts will also help a beginner who has recently entered in the industry.  As a wedding planner, one starts getting more clients if he/she satisfies and impresses his clients.


A report of Bureau of Labour Statics says that the number of jobs in event planning sector might be increase to 44 percent between 2010 and 2020. This is expected that the event planning will become the most lucrative and popular profession in coming future. And becoming a wedding planner will surely be most gratifying, entertaining, and competitive profession. Here’s the complete roadmap for those who want to become an established wedding planner.

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