WBJEE: Important Questions and Preparation Tips – Laws of Motion

The chapter Laws of Motion is one of the important chapters of Mechanics in the syllabus of WBJEE Examination 2018. This article will give you the complete information about all the topics of Chapter Laws of Motion like law of inertia, Newton’s three laws of motion, momentum, friction, circular motion etc. About 3-4 questions are always asked from this chapter in WBJEE examination. These notes are prepared by Subject Experts and can be used as quick revision notes just before few days of the examination. In these notes you can also find some important steps which will help you to solve numerical problems easily in examination.

WBJEE Physics Syllabus: 2017 - 2018

Important Concepts:

Some important solved questions are given below:

Question 1:

Solution 1:

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Question 2:

Solution 2:

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Question 3:

Solution 3:

Question 4:

Solution 4:

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Question 5:

Solution 5:

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