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What are the different type of GD Topics and how to prepare for them?

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In an Interview conducted by Jagranjosh.com, Karishma Gaur, English Language Expert (CELTA Certified) highlights what are the different types of GD Topics and how to prepare for them!

Key points Discussed in the Video:

Topic given to candidates in a GD

In a GD you would get topics related to issues such as:

  • Socio-political: civil rights, constitutional policies, legislatures, human rights, laws, human rights policies violation, property rights etc.
  • Remember: You are not supposed to know the laws but know about the existence and meaning of laws and policies to discuss them.
  • History: modern history of India, British Rule and colonialism
  • Economics: national Level problems, mergers and acquisitions, economic policies and their implication on national development
  • Global Warming, Environmental conservation, nature versus nurture,
  • Science and Religion, Science and faith, Evolution and creation
  • Tip: Be a jack of all the topics going on around you

Handling Abstract Topics:

What to do when you know the topic and how to create worthy content for it:

Topic 1: Some people are born to stay poor

Topic 2: Should Wealthy nations share their wealth?

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To understand more topic of such nature, take a look at the video and enrich your knowledge.

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