What is the Difference Between Degree and Diploma?

Normally, students are unaware of the fact that what is the difference between degree and diploma or a degree course or diploma course? From where to pursue them?  Which course offers best job opportunities? So, here you will get to know the differences in between them.


Diploma is a short term course generally of 2 or 3 years which mainly focus on training students in particular field. The admission to diploma course can be taken after clearing high school examination (10th). Diploma is being done through recognized university or an educational institution.

Diploma’s curriculum offers students to get more practical knowledge on the particular course which naturally builds the skills of the students.

Major two types of diploma are as follows:

A qualification that is at undergraduate degree level

 A qualification that is being pursued after the bachelor’s degree course

Engineering is the dream of many students but now a days for pursuing B.Tech you have to go through the a cut throat competition, but diploma offers the aspiring engineers to have lateral entry in Engineering.

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This scheme is intended to take excellent diploma holders to the second year of B.Tech through one entrance exam Lateral Engineering Entrance Test (LEET).

Some examples of Diploma courses are DCA, PGDCA, PGUDPL, PDGM, etc.

The main benefit of pursuing a diploma course is that it takes less time and money.

Admissions in a diploma course depend on the policies of the university or institution or college that is being done either on yearly or half-yearly basis.


Degree is a long term course of generally 3 or 4 years for Bachelor’s degree and 2 years for Master’s degree which is done after Bachelor’s degree.

Degree provides profundity about a particular course than diploma. It opened more opportunities as compared to diploma.

Degree is being issued through recognized university or college.

The least qualification for taking admission to a degree program is 10+2.

Major four types of degrees are:

Associate’s degree programs are available as vocational degrees which train the students precisely. It’s a 2 year degree program.

Bachelor degree is four year or three year full time undergraduate degree after which you can go for your Master’s degree.

Master degree is a post graduate degree which is pursued after the Bachelor’s degree. It’s a 2 year degree program

Doctorate degree is the highest level of academic degree which can be accomplished after the master’s degree. By the word doctorate it can be assumed that it is familiar with medical doctor but we can have this degree in any field or subject. It takes four to seven years to complete a Ph.D program. The important benefit in pursuing a degree course is that the students easily get a job in a short span of time.

Some examples of degree Courses are B.Sc, B. Com, MBA, B.E., B. Tech, B.A., M. Tech., M.E. etc.

The degree courses are mostly expensive as compared to the diploma courses and take more time to complete than diploma courses.

Hope by this article you get to the difference between diploma and degree.

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