Which one is better for Girls? - SSC CHSL or Bank Clerk

Actually, it purely depends upon one's choice and preferences to choose a career for them. No Goal is too high to achieve. Both of these jobs are similar in various aspects and different in few cases. Hence, it is hard to justify among them. However, we will evaluate the similarity and dissimilarity between these two in the following article.

When considering SSC CHSL and Bank Clerk,  both job profiles in these categories are challenging and offering good growth opportunities. Generally, many aspirants presume that SSC CHSL is better than Bank Clerk but this is not always true and vice-versa. For a girl’s perspective, it depends on individual personality and ability to take the challenge.

IBPS and SBI recruit thousands of candidates into the banking system as Clerk every year.The Staff Selection Commission organizes CHSL exam for recruitment to various Central Government Departments and ministries like the Central Secretariat Service, CBI, Ministry of Railways/ External Affairs /Defense, CAG, Central Vigilance Commission, Intelligence Bureau, etc.

SSC CHSL vs. Bank Clerk: An overview

Job Security

Both these jobs are safe and secure because after being selected you will be deputed under the government departments and public sector banks. 

Hierarchical Growth and promotions

A post under SSC CHSL would not give an opportunity to reach the top position in the respective department. You can be promoted to the inspector or similar to posts through SSC CHSL. However, it is not possible to become an IAS level officer through departmental promotions. Bank Clerk is a very popular entry in the banking system. Bank Clerk gives an opportunity to reach the top-level posts like Branch manager or Area manager. Promotion in banks is faster than SSC CHSL post as banks ensure a steady procedure for promoting clerks at regular time-interval. Banks are PSUs (Public sector Undertakings) and provide their services across the nation. Hence, they have to expand their presence and operations throughout the countries, which in turn create demand of banking personnel. This emanates the possibility of promotions for internal staff, which can be an excellent opportunity for girls. In banks, Clerks and other staff members are promoted every 3-4 years approximately.

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On the other hand, in SSC CHSL, it depends upon your concerned authority and your service time. There is the special provision of quota for girls in the government department. However, promotions will be awarded merely when there will be departmental vacancies and merit list.

Job/Office Timings

The office timings for Bank Clerk and LDC/UDC through SSC CHSL are the same i.e. 10 am to 5 pm. However, the workload in banks will not allow the clerk to go home on time. Bank Clerk will have more work pressure as compared to SSC Clerks. Hence, considering our society & culture, a girl considers office timing and workload factor in making her choice. From this perspective, SSC CHSL Clerical job appears more preferable.

Pay scale

After 7thpay commission, SSC CHSL clerk salary will be a little higher in comparison with Bank Clerks. Although, salary difference is not so much wider. When you think of the entire career, Clerk offers more earnings than any SSC recruit if you want to earn more money, then work for 10-15 years in a PSB and switch to any of private banks. This type of jump is not possible in case of SSC CHSL because SSC CHSL is a job, which is based on government setup completely.

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Working Pressure

In SSC-CHSL job, work pressure is less and the job is more relaxed in comparison to Bank Clerk. As a Bank Clerk, work pressure is high because they deal with the public directly and the work of clerk includes general banking, administrative task, or any other task bestowed by the senior management from time to time.

Transfers and postings

In SSC CHSL, transfer mostly takes place every 4-5 years except CSS departments. The person selected through SSC CHSL will mostly stay in Metropolitan cities, State capitals, and District Headquarters. While in the case of Bank Clerk, transfers take place every 2-5 years. In both Organizations, a transfer is based on seniority/promotion level only. The problem with Bank Clerk is that they are posted in a rural area where proper facilities will not be available. Girls who can adjust themselves to a rural environment can go to Bank Clerk jobs.

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Exposure means seeing various facets and shades of life. Bank Clerk job provides much wider and richer exposure than SSC CHSL posts.

From the above article, we can conclude that the salaries, social status, job satisfaction, job challenges, and promotions all vary between SSC CHSL and Bank Clerk. Girls can opt either depend upon their caliber, personality, preferences, and family support.

We at hope that the above information would be helpful in this context and clarify all your questions and doubts.

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