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Why Should You Include A Cover Letter Along-With Resume?

Balwant Tripathi

Why should I write one more letter just to explain the contents of my resume? What is the need of it? What purpose will it serve? These questions often bother the job seekers when they go to decide writing a cover letter.

To know what purpose a should serve and why your resume should be accompanied by a well written cover letter, keep the reading continue as here, we have described what you’re looking for.

It summarises what you cite in your resume

A cover letter is a summary of the resume. It provides opportunity to job seekers to prove their worth summarising the contents of the resume. Through a cover letter, a candidate can explain his/her career history, educational and professional qualifications, and others, using less possible words. Apart from this, the employer can easily know about the professional and personal life of the candidates. For Instance, you send your resume to an interviewer without attaching a cover letter. The employer will require asking you if he find anything other than usual finds unusual gap between the years you passed your Graduation first year and last year.  And there is something in your resume which can be understood. It’ll help employers to know the skills, education and professional qualifications, hobbies and other important information about the candidate. Additionally, it and understand how the candidate has proved his/her worth, fulfilling the projects 

It persuades interviewers

A cover letter is more than enough to persuade the employers for the selection of the candidate if it’s well written using the appropriate words. The use of persuasive words in cover letter is able to compel the employer to select the candidate for interview. Showing how the hiring of the candidate is important for the organisation is basic trait of any cover letter. On another hand, an interviewer doesn’t need to ask you anything additionally if you include a well written cover along-with your resume. Suppose, you send your resume attached with a cover letter. Then, he/she wouldn’t need to ask you for anything about the content of resume if it’s well explained in your cover letter. A cover letter is, therefore, provides what can satisfy the interviewer at the moment he goes through it.  

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It highlights the skills, efficiency and potentiality

As far as language of a resume is concerned, it’s informative and notifies, specifically the qualification, skills, accomplished projects, work experience, and other related information in bullet points. On another hand, the language of a cover letter is explanatory. Through a cover letter, the candidates can explain creatively what is cited in the resume. For instance, you send only your resume after getting a new job posting. It might fail to make the grade if it doesn’t have somewhat that can support your resume apart. As far as hiring of the candidates is concerned, the candidate always requires impressing the employers or interviewer at every step of the hiring process.

It relates your skills, work experience, and other to the job

While a cover letter relates the skills, efficiency, and potentiality of a candidate to the job, the words, language, and formulation of the sentences tell about the candidate’s ability to representing himself.  A good cover letter includes such sort of language, words, and structure of sentences that it could catch attention of the interviewer and persuade him to get involved into other process of hiring. Suppose, you don’t connect your profile, work experience, skills, efficiency, and others to the job when you write a cover letter for new job posting. Then, what is more likely to happen is that the interviewer wouldn’t take interest in you. There would be chances of losing the job opportunity.


A cover explains what is cited in the resume of the candidate. It’s the very first introduction of the candidates to the employers. It details as well as highlights your skills, accomplishments, projects, hobbies, and other important things in creative manner which, most of the time, impresses the employers. Sometimes, it plays the supplementary role if any lapses are left there in the Resume of the candidate. A cover is, therefore, as important as a Resume itself.

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