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Will the IFS commission enter into any correspondence with the prospective candidate?

Jagran Josh

A: The Commission will not enter into any correspondence with the candidates about their candidature except in the cases mentioned below.

i) Every candidate for this examination will be informed at the earliest possible date of the result of his/her application. Admission Certificates, indicating the roll numbers will be issued to the candidates who are admitted to the examination. The Admission Certificate will bear the photograph of the candidate. If a candidate does not receive his/her Admission Certificate or any other communication regarding his/ her candidature for the examination 3 weeks before the commencement of the examination, he/ she should at once contact the Commission. On receipt of such a communication, Admission Certificate or a duplicate copy thereto will be issued to the admitted candidate. Information in this regard can also be obtained from the Facilitation Counter located in the Commission’s office either in person or over phone Nos. 011-23381125/ 011- 23385271/ 011-23098543. In case no communication is received in the Commission’s office from the candidate regarding non-receipt of his/ her admission certificate at least 3 weeks before the examination, he/ she himself/ herself will be solely responsible for non receipt of his/her Admission Certificate.

It may be noted that the Admission Certificate will be issued at the address as photocopied from the Application Form filled in by the candidate. The candidate should, therefore, ensure that address given by him/ her in the Application Form is correct and complete with pin code. No candidate will ordinarily be allowed to take the examination unless he/ she holds a certificate of admission for the examination. On receipt of Admission Certificate, candidates should check it carefully and bring discrepancies/ errors, if any, to the notice of UPSC immediately.

The candidates should note that their admission to the examination will be purely provisional based on the information given by them in the Application Form. This will be subject to verification of all the eligibility conditions by the UPSC. The mere fact that a certificate of admission to the examination has been issued to a candidate, will not imply that the Commission has finally cleared his/ her candidature or that the Commission has accepted entries made by the candidate in his/ her application for the examination as true and correct. Candidates may note that the Commission takes up the verification of eligibility conditions of a candidate, with reference to original documents, only after the candidate has qualified for Interview for Personality Test on the results of the Written Examination. Unless candidature is formally confirmed by the Commission, it continues to be provisional.

The decision of the Commission as to the eligibility or otherwise of a candidate for admission to the Examination shall be final. Candidates should note that the name in the Admission Certificate in some cases may be abbreviated due to technical reasons.

ii) In the event of a candidate receiving more than one Admission Certificate from the Commission, he/ she should use only one of these admission certificates for appearing in the examination and return the other(s) to the Commission Office.

iii) A candidate must see that communications sent to him/ her at the address stated in his/ her application are redirected, if necessary. Change in address should be communicated to the Commission at the earliest opportunity. Although the Commission make every effort to take account of such changes, they cannot accept any responsibility in the matter.

iv) If a candidate receives an admission certificate in respect of some other candidate on account of handling error, the same should immediately be returned to the Commission with a request to issue the correct Admission Certificate. Candidates may note that they will not be allowed to take the examination on the strength of an Admission Certificate issued in respect of another candidate.

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