XAT Exam 2013 Solved Question Paper: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

XAT is conducted by one of the representative B- Schools of XLRI Group for admission to management programs. Many other reputed Indian B Schools also accept XAT as a short listing score. Find here Solved Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section from XAT January 2013 question paper. There are 35 questions in the section.

1. Prot. Mandal walks to the market and comes back in an auto. It takes him 90 minutes to make the round trip. If he takes an auto both ways it takes him 30 minutes. On a Sunday he decides to walk both ways. How long would it take him?

A. 100 minutes
B. 120 minutes
C. 140 minutes
D. 150 minutes
E. None of the above

Answer: D

2. At the centre of a city's municipal park there is a large circular pool. A fish is released in the water at the edge of the pool. The fish swims north for 300 feet before it hits the edge of the pool. It then turns cast and swims for 400 feet before hitting the edge again. What is the area of the pool?

A. 62500 π
B. 125000 π
C. 250000 π
D. 500000 π
E. Cannot be answered from the given data

Answer: A

3. Mr. Mehra is planning for higher education expenses of his two sons aged 15 and 12. He plans to divide Rs 15 lakh in two equal parts and invest in two different plans such that his sons may have access to Rs 21 lakh each when they reach the age of 21. He is looking for plans that will give him a simple interest per annum. The rates of interest of the Plans for his younger son and his elder son should be

A. 5% and 7.5% respectively
B. 8% and 12% respectively
C. 10% and 15% respectively
D. 15% and 22.5% respectively
E. 20% and 30% respectively

Answer: E

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