XAT January 2014: Solved Verbal Ability Question Paper

XAT is Xaviers Aptitude test conducted by XLRI for admission to its allied colleges in management programmes . Practice with solved XAT Verbal Ability question paper from January 2014. It has 28 questions in it.

Directions (Qs.1 & 2): Read the definitions below and select the best match between the numbered sentences and the definitions.


A proposition from which another statement is inferred or follows a conclusion.


Something, which is accepted as true.


Something, which can be checked.


A cause, explanation or justification for an action or event.


An end, finish or summarisation of process or argument.


A statement that expresses judgment or opinion.


A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit opinion.

Inductive Inference:

An end, finish or summarisation reached for "the whole", based on "a particular" real incidence.

Deductive Inference:

An end, finish or summarisation reached based on the combining and recombining two or more than two assumptions.

1. When you look at the people who make fundamental, revolutionary breakthroughs in any field, you keep noticing over and over again a high preponderance of them have some sort of disability when they were younger, whether it was a physical disability or mental disability, which leads to lower expectations from others, whom they always wanted to prove wrong (1). And what does it do (2)? What does that do to you, when you try to prove someone wrong (3)? You increase your engagement in something because you want to fight against those expectations (4). So it seems like it actually can be a gift having what we label as a disability, or disorder, and cause people to overcompensate and engage in things in other ways (5). A research study shows that higher number of people with dyslexia become social entrepreneurs because they over- compensate their disability through nonverbal communication, initiative and grit (6). And this overcompensation leads to greatness (7).

The best match would be:

A.  I-Assumption, 2-Question, 3-Reason, 4-Fact
B. I-Assumption, 2-Question, 4-Reason, 7-Conclusion
C. I-Fact, 2-Question, 4-Reason, 6-Reason
D. I-Fact, 3-Question, 4-Reason, 7 -Inductive Inference
E. 3-Question, 4-Reason, 5-Fact, 6- Proposition

Answer: C

2. The fatal consequences of having a routine mid-day meal for at least twenty- two children in Bihar's Saran district expose the chronic neglect of school education in a large part of India (1). That governments cannot find a small piece of land for a school and are unable to store food materials without the risk of contamination is a telling commentary on their commitment to universal primary education (2). The Bihar horror clearly points to the absence of strong normative procedures for the provision of infrastructure, even for a new school (3).

The best match would be:

A.  I-Fact, 2-Reason, 3-Deductive Inference
B. I-Reason, 2-Reason, 3-Inductive Inference
C. I-Inductive Inference, 2-Fact, 3-Inductive Inference
D. 1- Inductive Inference, 2- Inductive Inference, 3-Inductive Inference
E. 1- Reason, 2- Reason, 3- Reason

Answer: A

3. The MBA (1) is hardly a prerequisite for success, but it (2) certainly helps (3), and it has been getting more important (4) in recent years. Most (5) MBA programs equip their graduates to understand how (6) to deal with many of the important questions that their organizations will need to tackle (7) over time, and (8) that they will face in their careers.

The above italicised numbered words will be correctly represented by the following parts of speech:

A. I-Noun, 2-Pronoun, 3-Adverb, 4-Adjective, 5-Adjective, 8-Conjunction
B. l-Noun, 3-Adjective, 4-Adjective, 6-Adverb, 7-Adverb, 8-Article
C. I-Noun, 2-Pronoun, 4-Adjective, 7 -Adverb, 8- Article
D. 2-Pronoun, 3-Verb, 4-Adverb, 6-Adverb, 8-Article
E. 2-Pronoun, 3-Verb, 4-Adjective, 7-Verb, 8-Conjuction

Answer: E

4. Read the following paragraph carefully and answer the question that follows:

It is one week since Uttarakhand's worst disaster in living memory. Flash floods resulting from extremely intense rainfall swept away mountainsides, villages and towns, thousands of people, animals, agricultural fields, irrigation canals, domestic water sources, dams, roads, bridges, and buildings-anything that stood in the way.

A week later, media attention remains riveted on the efforts to rescue tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists visiting the shrines in the uppermost reaches of Uttarakhand's sacred rivers. But the deluge spread far beyond the Char Dhams- Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath-to cover the entire State. The catchments of many smaller rivers also witnessed flash floods but the media has yet to report on the destruction there. Eyewitness accounts being gathered by official agencies and voluntary organisations have reported devastation from more than 200 villages so far and more affected villages are being reported everyday.

Which of the following would the author agree the most with?

A. Char Dhams were most affected by Uttarakhand disaster.
B. Entire catchment of rivers flowing in Uttarakhand was affected.
C. Media attention was on Char Dhams but the entire catchment area of rivers flowing in Uttarakhand was affected.
D. Media cannot be trusted as it focuses only on important places and events.
E. Voluntary organisations are better than media in reaching out to the affected people.

Answer: C

5. Which of the following is the correct form of expression for the underlined part of the sentence below?

Patna is not only the capital of Bihar, but it is also one of the oldest cities in the world and the largest city in the state.

A. capital of Bihar, but it is also one of the oldest
B. capital of Bihar, nevertheless also one of the oldest
C. Bihar's capital city, and it is also one of the older
D. Bihar's capital, but it is also one of the older
E. capital of Bihar, but it is also one of the older

Answer: A

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