XAT (XLRI Entrance Exam): Solved Question Paper 2012

XAT is conducted every year for admissions in MBA Programs run in various campuses of XLRI. Lakhs of MBA Aspirants sit for this exam to become part of the prestigious Institution. Jagranjosh.com brings solved XAT 2012 question Paper for the aspirants. Look and find out the pattern of the examination, which will help you in gearing up for the XAT Exam.

Directions (Qs. 1 & 2) : Answer these questions on the basis of the following letter:

To the Chairman:

Dear Mr. Sailesh,

At the December 3, 2011 meeting, it was decided that no two officers would hold positions on the same committee. It has recently come to my attention that both Chaitanya Rao and Ajit Singh will be serving in some capacity on the Cultural Committee, and both have been nominated for officer status. As you know, this is in direct disregard for the rules as voted by the Members Council last December 3, 2011. I would hope that sufficient action be taken by the Disciplinary Committee (on which committee both of the above are members) so that this problem will be remedied.

Arvind Singh

1. Which of the following is an essential flaw that the writer of the letter overlooked ?

A. Rao and Ajit are already serving together on the Disciplinary Committee.

B. The Chairman has no power in the matter.

C. The Members Council cannot pass rules limiting members.

D. Rao and Ajit are yet to be confirmed as officers.

E. Cultural Committee is only active during the annual festival.

Answer: D

2. If both the nominations are confirmed, which of the following, exhaustively and reasonably, describes actions that may occur in the near future?

A. Arvind resigns his membership.

B. Either Rao or Ajit resigns his membership.

C. Ajit resigns his committee post on the Cultural Committee.

D. Rao resigns his position on the Cultural Committee.

E. Either Rao or Ajit resigns his position from the Cultural Committee, and the other resigns his position on the Disciplinary Committee.

Answer: E

Directions (Qs. 3 to 5) : Answer these questions on the basis of the information given in the following case.

Due to increased competition, Ginger Automobiles, the Indian subsidiary of Pepper Automobile Company (PAC) reported lower sales and profits. PAC expects its new model Limo, developed especially for value conscious customers of India and China, would revive its fortunes. In order to prevent customers from buying competing products, PAC announced the launch of Limo six months before schedule. Due to unrest in its Indian supplier's plant, deliveries of essential components for its main plant was- hampered, and hence it decided to launch Limo in China only as per the original plan. Within a short span of time, Limo captured 30% market share in China, which was 200% higher than expected. Indian customers who had looked forward to purchasing  Limo were becoming increasingly unhappy to the non-availability of Limo in India. Ginger's dealers were worried about loss of business from the customers who might switch to other cars.

3. Statement I:

In the Chinese market, Baft and Hebe, are competing models in Limo's target market. Due to increase in sales of Limo by 200%, Baft and Hebe saw their market share decline by 10%.

Statement II:

Baft and Hebe were not desired by the customers due to their new features.

Which of the following conclusions can be most justifiably made?

A. I alone    

B. II alone

C. Either I or II

D. Neither I nor II

E. I and II together

Answer: D

4. Unhappy customers will not only leave the company, but also spread negative publicity about the company. The best way, among the options below, to deal with customers is:

A. suggest to customers to wait.

B. suggest to customers to consider purchasing any of the other PAC's models available in showrooms, with a substantial discount along with gifts.

C. suggest to PAC to treat Indian and Chinese markets equally.

D. promise the top management of PAC higher sales/profit from Indian market compared to Chinese market.

E. suggest to the top management of PAC to manufacture essential components in either India or China.

Answer: B

5. Mr. Murugan from Chennai experienced the comfort of Limo during his visit to China. He was willing to deposit an approximate price of Limo to . buy the first available unit from Mr. Ahmed, a dealer in Chennai, known for fair dealing. Ginger Automobile is yet to announce the actual price, and the process for allocation of the vehicles. In order to maximise his cash flow, Mr. Ahmed should

A. collect the amount from Mr. Murugan. Later when the delivery is delayed, blame it on PAC's problems.

B. collect 50% as advance and the remaining 50% after the confirmation of launch date by Ginger Automobiles.

C. collect the amount Mr. Murugan is willing to deposit after clarifying that delivery is subject to the company policy.

D. not collect the amount, but suggest to Mr. Murugan to write to Ginger Automobiles.

E. collect the amount and transfer it to the account of Ginger Automobiles, instead of keeping it in his personal account.

Answer: C


XAT (XLRI Entrance Exam): Solved Question Paper 2012

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