Best Mass Communication Schools in South India

South India offers successful career options in media through its best Mass Communication schools.

Feb 4, 2011 15:08 IST
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Best Mass Communication Schools in South India
Best Mass Communication Schools in South India

Mass Communication as a subject of study includes a number of fields. These are print media, electronic media, films, advertising and public relations. Its sphere being so wide, anybody wishing to enter the field should have a blend of skills and knowledge. Therefore it is essential to find a good Mass Communication school to enroll for a course. Though there are many colleges that offer degree and diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, not each of them is good enough to provide a place in a good media house.

The Southern region of India has some of the best Mass Communication schools in the nation. These schools are assessed on the base of faculty, education, infrastructure, equipment, pedagogy and placement statistics. Here is a list of the best Mass Communication schools in South India for those who really want to be seen among the celebrities!

  1. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai – Started in 1994, the Asian College of Journalism has a place among the top ten Mass Communication schools in the country. The education here is imparted with the philosophy of teaching the basics of media studies to everybody enrolling in this course. Thus, irrespective of which specialization you choose for your degree program, you will be taught the ABCs of the mass communication here. This helps in making a strong foundation and enables the students to stand on their feet in the challenging corporate world.
  2. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore – Inaugurated recently in 2001, it is one of the premier Mass Communication colleges of Karnataka situated in the capital of the state. The curriculum of this college has been designed following the one created for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York. It offers two kinds of diploma – Post Graduate Diploma in Print, Broadcast or Online/Multimedia and Graduate Diploma in Print, Broadcast or Online/Multimedia. This Institute provides exposure to practical training along with the theoretical classes.
  3. Manorama School of Communication – Located in Kottayam, Kerala the Manorama School of Communication is famously known as MASCOM. It is an ideal institute for those aiming to make a career in Journalism. With its aim to create world class media professionals, it believes in exposing students to live media production and management to give them a feel of the real industry. It offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism that focuses on print journalism.
  4. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – The Bangalore center of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan came into existence after the Delhi Branch in 1965. Dr Munshi started this institute with the aim of making industry-ready media professionals. With more than 100 branches all over India, this institute has a reputed place among some of the best Mass Communication schools in India.
  5. National Institute of Creative Communication – Fulfilling the meaning of its name, the National Institute of Creative Communication offers some of the most unique creative courses related to media studies. It is an internationally-acclaimed professional school of design. People who are looking forward to make an exclusive career in animation or designing can find various diploma programs at this college. The exceptional courses offered here include retail design advertising, product design, print media design, industrial design and many more.


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