Can a visually impaired candidate use scribe or paper writer in SSC exam?

Facilities for a visually impaired candidate during the SSC Exams

Created On: Apr 26, 2011 16:15 IST
Modified On: Aug 24, 2011 15:12 IST
QnA : SSC Exam
QnA : SSC Exam

A: Visually handicapped (VH) candidates with visual disabilities of forty percent and above can avail the assistance of a SCRIBE subject to requests made in the application form in SSC Exam. Question Papers and Answer Sheets will not be provided in BRAILLE. Visually handicapped, including blind and partially blind, candidates with visual disability of forty percent (40%) and above may bring their own TAYLOR FRAME AND BRAILLE SLATE WITH PAPER for solving Arithmetical problems. No attendant will be allowed with VH candidates inside the examination premises.

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