Career or Marriage: 5 things to discuss with your partner

Feb 16, 2018 17:07 IST
Career or Marriage: 5 things to discuss with your partner

Work and marriage are two separate calls, but for some their work is their life. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for some people to understand the demanding career needs of their partner. As a repercussion, compatibility issues, frequent fights and differences occur between the two. Both career and personal life starts to suffer. Therefore, it is better to stay away from getting into the brawl. Take initiative to discuss important matters with your prospective partner before you take the big leap.

So here are 5 relevant topic of interest that will save you from the pain of uninvited quarrels in personal life:  

1. Discuss about your interests with each other

Do you both love to watch movies, go fishing, reading books and listening to similar genre of music? Explore more about each other’s favourite pastime. Remember that your time outside the office not just ‘your personal time’. You have an added responsibility to give quality time to your partner. Sharing common hobbies will help in building strong relation. 

2. Talk about the possibility of relocating to another place

It is not easy to move to a new city especially when both of you are working. Bring this matter to table if he/she is comfortable to relocating to new place after marriage. As an independent career choice maker, females are the ones compromising on their jobs after marriage. Enquire if your partner is willing to leave her job and settle down to other locations after marriage.  

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3. Understand each other’s career growth prospects

The nature of your jobs might be completely different. The nature of work will differ on the type of industry in which you both are employed. Some job profiles are stress-inducing whereas others are a bit relaxed ones.  It is important to understand your spouse’s job demands and plan for future accordingly.

4. Exchange views on future financial responsibilities

Moving out of home and investing more than 12 hours a day is not a game. Your opportunity cost for the same is the quality time and the motivation to pursue leisure time with each other. In case of marriage, money is the biggest motivators to work. Decide upon who will pay for groceries, gas connection, water bills, and electricity bills, whether you need a maid or not. After marriage, you should be aware of sharing the financial responsibilities and mange the household accordingly. Plan for savings as well! Do not splurge the hard-earned money worthlessly.

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5. Share thoughts on partaking household chores

Managing household chores is another full-time job. Your partner should not expect the female to supervise entire kitchen and other domestic chores after a hectic day at work. Both of you must assume equal responsibilities to run the household. Plan work in a way so that you don’t have to juggle with washing linens and purchasing groceries in the weekend. Plan your weekends for the merriment!

Generally speaking, brining the above listed topics with your fiancée before marriage will keep you relaxed mentally. You won’t be troubled by the hassles of giving explanations every day.

Share this article with your dear ones who are planning to run down the aisle and yet experiencing the jitters of unexpected future. Give them fodder to talk before they get bonded into marital bliss.

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