CBSE 12th English Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22: Check Important MCQs, Sample Paper & Other Important Resources

Check CBSE Class 12th English Sample Question Paper with answers for Term 1 CBSE Class 12 board exam 2021-22. Learn important MCQs & other CBSE news & updates on the 12th English Syllabus, Sample Paper, NCERT, etc. 

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CBSE 12th English Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22: Check Important MCQs, Sample Paper & Other Important Resources
CBSE 12th English Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22: Check Important MCQs, Sample Paper & Other Important Resources

Check some important MCQs from CBSE Class 12th Sample question Paper for English subject (exam on 3rd December) based on Term 1 CBSE Syllabus & NCERT textbooks. These questions are expected in Term 1 CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021-22. Students are advised to check these MCQ. Answers to all the questions are given in CBSE Class 12 English Marking Scheme 2021-22. Here are some important resources that students should not miss at all.

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CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22 (Term 1) for 10th, 12th With Answers & CBSE Marking Scheme 2021-22: Maths, English & Other Subjects

CBSE 12th English Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22: Check Important MCQs

Question: In ‘Keeping Quiet’ the poet does not want the reader to confuse his advice for with

total inactivity.

A. experimentation

B. relaxation

C. isolation

D. introspection

Question: On his way to school, Franz says that he had the strength to resist and chose to hurry off to school.

The underlined phrase suggests that Franz was

A. hesitant.

B. threatened.

C. tempted.

D. repentant.

Question: Select the suitable option for the given statements, based on your reading of Lost Spring.

(1) The writer notices that Saheb has lost his carefree look.

(2) Saheb has had to surrender his freedom for ₹800 per month.

A. (1) is false but (2) is true.

B. Both (1) and (2) are true.

C. (2) is a fact but unrelated to (1).

D. (1) is the cause for (2).

Question: Select the option that lists the qualities of Douglas’ trainer.

(1) adventurous

(2) generous

(3) patient

(4) methodical

(5) encouraging

(6) courageous

A. (1) and (6)

B. (3), (4) and (5)

C. (2) and (5)

D. (1), (4) and (6)

Question: The metaphor ‘lead sky’, is used by Stephen Spender to bring out

A. the image of sky-high constructions in the slum.

B. a response to death and destruction.

C. the strong dreams and aspirations of the children.

D. a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Question: Sadao’s servants leave his house, but none of them betrays the secret of the American

P.O.W. Select the option that explains this.

A. The servants truly believed that they must not be a part of the household which sheltered

aprisoner of war, but their love and loyalty to Sadao made them keep the secret safe.

B. The servants knew that any information about the P.O.W would result in punishment for

them and their families which is why they revealed nothing.

C. The servants were superstitious and scared with a white man on the premises and

consequently, chose to remove themselves and stay silent about the situation.

D. The servants did not want to incur the wrath of Dr. Sadao and lose their jobs, therefore

they chose to exit instead, and return later.

Question: Classify (1) to (4) as fact (F) or opinion (O), based on your reading of The Third Level.

(1) First day covers are never opened.

(2) Grand Central is growing like a tree.

(3) President Roosevelt collected stamps.

(4) Sam was Charley’s psychiatrist.

A. F-1,3,4; O-2

B. F-2, 3; O-1,4

C. F-2; O-1,3,4

D. F-3,4; O-1,2

Question: Identify the tone of Pablo Neruda in the following line:

Perhaps the Earth can teach us….

A. Confident and clear about the future events.

B. Dramatic about the prediction he made.

C. Convinced about the sequence of events to follow.

D. Uncertain, yet hopeful about the possibility.

Question: Dr. Sadao mutters the word ‘my friend’ while treating the American P.O.W. in the light of the circumstances, we can say that this was

A. humourous.

B. climactic.

C. ironical.

D. ominous.

Question: The sight of young trees and merry children, on the way to Cochin, is the poet’s aging mother.

A. like a divine assurance for

B. in sharp contrast to

C. a distraction from pain for

D. the bridge between the poet and

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