CBSE 12th Business Studies Answer Key 2021-22: CBSE Board Exam 2021-22!

CBSE Answer Key 2021-22 for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Board Exam 2021-22 (Term 1) is available here. Check now along with the question paper (PDF) of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies board exam 2021-22.

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CBSE Answer Key 2021-22: 12th Business Studies Board Exam (Term 1)
CBSE Answer Key 2021-22: 12th Business Studies Board Exam (Term 1)

Check CBSE Answer Key 2021-22 for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies board exam 2021-22 (Term 1). CBSE conducted 12th Business studies board exam 2021-22 on 8th December. A team from Jagran Josh has collected the question paper & reviews from students one can download the question paper PDF from the link given below. Link to access the analysis of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies board exam 2021-22 (Term 1) is also available here.

CBSE 12th Business Studies (Term 1) 2021-22 Board Exam Question Paper (PDF) 

CBSE 12th Business Studies (Term 1) Board Exam 2021-22: Balanced Paper - Check Analysis, Review, Answer Key & Updates 

CBSE Answer Key 2021-22: 12th Business Studies Board Exam (Term 1)

1. At times, a business may concentrate on producing goods with fewer resources but cannot achieve the targeted production. In such a case, the business is said to be : 
(a) Effective but not efficient 
(b) Efficient but not effective 
(c) Both effective and efficient 
(d) Neither effective nor efficient

Answer (b)
2. The process that initiates implementation of plans by clarifying jobs, working relationships and effectively deploying resources for attainment of identified and desired results is called: 
(a) Coordination
(b) Management 
(c) Organising
(d) Delegation

Answer: (c)
3. Which Marketing management philosophy lays emphasis on continuous improvement in the quality of the product? 
(a) Production concept
(b) Product concept
(c) Marketing concept
(d) Social marketing concept

Answer: (b)
4. The objective of which of the following techniques of management is to determine the number of workers to be employed in an organization? 
(a) Method study
(b) Motion study 
(c) Time study
(d) Differential piece wage system

Answer: (c)
5. Which of the following is an element of political environment? 
(a) Existing structure of the economy in terms of relative role of private and public sectors. 
(b) Rise in the disposable income of people due to increase in the gross domestic product of a country. 
(c) Legislations passed by the Government authorities. 
(d) Attitude of the elected Government representatives towards business.

Answer: (d)
6. The function of marketing that involves physical movement of goods from one place to another is called : 
(a) Promotion
(b) Transportation 
(c) Storage and Warehousing 
(d) Customer support services

Answer: (b)
7. Identify the principle of management given by Fayol according to which "The intent of this principle is to produce more and better work with the same effort. 
(a) Division of work
(b) Unity of direction 
(c) Scalar chain
(d) Equity

Answer: (a)
8. Which product-related decision is concerned with providing detailed information about the product on its package ? 
(a) Branding
(b) Packaging 
(c) Labeling
(d) Both Branding and Packaging

Answer: (c)

Answer 9: (c)

Answer 10: (b)

Answer 11: (a)

Answer 12: (c)

Answer 13: (a)

Answer 14: (c)

Answer 15: (b)

Answer 16: (d)

Answer 17: (d)

Answer 18: (b)

Answer 19: (a)

Answer 20: (b)

Answer 21: (c)

Answer 22: (c)

Answer 23: (d)

Answer 24: (c)

Answer 25: (c)

Answer 26: (a)

Answer 27: (b)

Answer 28: (b)

Answer 29:  (c)

Answer 30: (c)

Answer 31: (b)

Answer 32: (a)

Answer 33: (c)

Answer 34: (c)

Answer 35: (b)

Answer 36: (b)

Answer 37: (a)

Answer 38: (a)

Answer 39: (b)

Answer 40: (b)

Answer 41: (a)

Answer 42: (b)

Answer 43: (a)

Answer 44: (d)

Answer 45: (c)

Answer 46: (a)

Answer 47: (b)

Answer 48: (c)

Answer 49: (c)

Answer 50: (b)

Answer 51: (c)

Answer 52: (c)

Answer 53: (c)

Answer 54: (d)

Answer 55: (b)

Answer 56: (b)

Answer 57: (d)

Answer 58: (c)

Answer 59: (c)

Answer 60: (b)

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