Cool Skills you can learn this semester

Looking to pick up some new skills this semester? Check out some of these cool skills that we have picked up for you to learn.

Created On: Feb 3, 2020 15:42 IST
Cool Skills you can learn this semester
Cool Skills you can learn this semester

College life is the foundation to a lucrative future that most us dream about. And for majority of students realizing that dream means getting good academic grades and maintaining exceptional grades. Sadly, not just students but majority of parents also fail to realize that college is not just about academics but also the place for students to learn valuable life lessons. To learn practical skills that will help them succeed in life. It's always good to learn some skills, take up some new extra-curricular activities. There are countless occasions when we tell ourselves that, 'I wish I knew how to do this.' Well, it's high time now to stop saying these words and to actually put in some efforts to learn some skills. Mentioned below are some popular skills that you can learn this semester.

Pick Up Some Artistic Skills

Learning some designing skills always works in your favor. Now whether it be editing your photos in adobe Photoshop or creating some image for small projects in office, designing skills always come in handy. If you develop a niche for the art you could also use the skills to earn some extra bucks. But you'll need to find the subjects of your interests and your own inspirations.

Take up Self Defense Classes  

There is no harm in learning some kickass moves in order to defend yourself. Doesn't matter whether you are a girl or a boy anyone can be mugged at road during night time. Or it could also save you from being harassed  by the infamous bullies on campus. Who liked to gets their ass kicked? Probably, no one.  And learning the art of self defense doesn't require for you to have big bulging muscles or anything all you need is a good endurance level. Plus, it will improve your confidence level manifolds.

Learn some electronic skills   

Our lives basically revolve around technology these days. So, how about picking up some basic electronic skills this semester. You could find yourself a friend in the electrical department in your college and ask him to teach you some basic skills. And if you find the field to be of your interest you could also learn to build some circuits or repair your broken electronic goods at home.

Learn to play a new musical instrument

This is one of the most popular skills on the 'to learn skill' list of most students. Whether you are just starting your musical journey or you are already proficient in one instrument and learning to play another, music is a great skill to learn. It is great way to de stress and relax after a long hectic day. You could also join a band and perform at local cafes. It is a great way to make new friends with similar interests. 

Take up cooking lessons

Now this is a life saver for most college students. Knowing how to cook can save you from the trouble of surviving on the bland mess food or going to sleep hungry. There are a lot of sources from where you can learn cooking. Like if you are clear with the basics of cooking food, you can also look up for new recepies online or experiment with the ones already known to you. Another way is to get your mother to teach you during the breaks this semester.  Or better even if you are looking to learn some new cuisines you'd also take professional cooking lessons.

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Learn A New Language

Learning a foreign language holds many benefits for college students. Like for one it looks great on their resume. MNC's are always looking for people with multi-lingual skills. Also, if you happen to be good in a language a lot of other job opportunities open up for you. You could take up job a language teacher in some school or language institute or you could work as a translator at some large corporation with international clients. You could also look for job opportunities at embassies.

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Learn To Code

Coding is one of the most lucrative skill that most young college students look to acquire. Thanks to the increasing number of movies on coding and hacking more and more youngsters are looking to learn the art of coding. The ability to create a new app or being able to hack a system, the ideas sure are inviting to think of if one takes out of question the illegal hacking practices. Moreover, if you are good at coding in the latest coding language you could get yourself a good job with a really good salary package. But, this takes and lot of consistent effort on your part.

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To Conclude

What is it that you are still waiting for? Pick a skill of your interest from the above mentioned skills and start your journey to learning something new. With each new skill that you'd pick you feel a sense of accomplishment, more independent and more confident in your abilities. For more such articles on college life please visit, Alternatively, you can also get more such articles in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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