Delhi University Admissions: How to Calculate Best of Four Marks

Feb 12, 2019 18:09 IST
Delhi University Admissions: How to Calculate Best of Four Marks

As soon as the CBSE declares its result or any other state education board declares its 10+2 results students start thinking about taking admissions in the graduation level courses in some of the best Universities in the country. One such premier Universities in the country is Delhi University. So it is important to know the parameters set by the University for admission to the different graduation level courses offered by it.  The officials of Delhi University discussed various parameters and finally it was decided that they will consider the concept ‘best four’ percentage. For the convenience of the DU Aspirants we have explained the concept below:

Concept of Best of Four Marks

The University of Delhi considers the four subjects in which the students scored the best marks in his qualifying examination (10+2 examination). Aspirants need to keep the following points in mind when calculating the best of four marks. The four subjects the university considers when calculating the best four marks are:

1. One language subject, it can be core/elective/functional

2. One relevant subject

3. Subjects from List A which is given below:






Computer Science









Home Science






Physical Education*


Political Science









Legal Studies

  • Best-of-four calculations for Arts courses

The three academic/elective subjects chosen by the candidate in DU Admissions must include the one in which admission is being required. If the candidate fails to do so, it will lead to a deduction of 2.5 percent imposed on the 'best four' percentage calculated. For example, BA (Honors) Political Science applicant should have Political Science as a subject in the qualifying examination; otherwise, it will reduce the chance of getting the course he or she is interested in.

  • Best-of-four calculations for Language Program

For admission to Honors in any language program in DU Admissions, the candidates will be given an advantage of 2 per cent in the 'best four', this will only be given to those who have studied that particular elective language in the qualifying examination.

  • Best-of-four calculations in cases where candidates having no language background

For cases in DU Admissions 2018 where an applicant has not studied a language in the qualifying examination and is looking for admission to Honors in that language (except English and Hindi) 5 per cent deduction will be imposed on 'best four'

  • Best-of-four calculations for BA program

For taking admission in BA (program) in DU Admissions, all five subjects will be considered while calculating the final percentage.

  • Deduction if candidates include Physical Education in best-of-four

If a candidate does not include subjects given in List A ( provided below) of DU Admissions 2018 in 'best four' then a candidate will have to face a deduction of 2.5 per cent for each subject. For example, if an applicant includes physical education in his/her 'best four' he/she will face a deduction.

  • Best-of-four calculations for BA Honors in Journalism and Mass Communication

For the students who want to apply for this course in DU Admissions, mass media studies is to be treated as the academic subject.

  • Best-of-four calculations for B.Sc. courses

In B.Sc. courses in DU Admissions 2018, all subjects will be treated to obtain the final percentage.


1. Let us assume that your score in different subjects as follows: -

Political – 94

English – 88

Business Studies – 92

Accounts – 90

Now, you need to add the total marks

94+88+92+90 = 364.

The percentage will be 364/4= 91%

Now, the effective percentage for B.A (Hons) English is 91%. B.Com (Hons) is 91% and B.A. (Hons) History is 91%. Deduct 2.5 from the percentage, and the final percentage will be 88.5%.

2. Let us assume that you are seeking admission to B.Com program. You have scored the following marks in different subjects: -

Economics – 94

English – 88

Business Studies – 92

Accounts – 90

Now, you need to add the total marks

94+88+92+90 = 364.

The percentage 364/4= 91%

The effective percentage for B.Com is 91%

For B.A. program 91% - 5% = 86%