6 effective ways to escape monotony of 9-to-5 job

Don’t let the job monotony take away peace of your office life! Kill the stress of job monotony with these 6 effective tips that can make your 9 to 5 job a rewarding experience.


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Ways to escape monotony
Ways to escape monotony

As per the report of WHO, job monotony is one of the alarming causes that induces work-related stress among the office goers. Yawning, drowsiness at work and poor concentration levels between you and your work are some of the common obstacles that indeed affect the usual productivity. Slowly you will find yourself wondering about ideas, fidgeting around in office during the productive hours, and will gradually lose interest in work assigned for the day. In fact you might even end up searching for a new job.

This isn’t the end of the workplace stress saga! Job monotony can be quite fatal for your mental health as well. Yes you read it right! A research conducted on the working professionals has revealed that people who get bored are 30% more likely to die over the next three years from this feeling. This indicates that the issue of job monotony needs increasing attention because organisations incur huge cost in terms of the increasing attrition rate of employees.

Thus, in order to escape from job monotony, try out these tips and be at ease with your job without having to worry about your health:

1. Rest-Pauses are helpful

When you feel bored at work, concentration becomes a major challenge. It becomes difficult to focus and complete the task assigned within the deadline. Rest pauses will help you regain lost concentration and unshackle your mind from the unsettling fatigue due to work pressure. Rest pauses are great stress-busters for both mind and body. Visit recreation room or take a stroll around your office during your rest pause at work.

2. Engage in short friendly chats with colleagues

A friendly chat with one of your colleagues will help you gain new perspective about the way you currently deal with work. It is quite possible that your office friend will soothe your discomfort to fight the monotonous feeling. Brainstorming about your problems at times helps in coming up with creative solutions.  

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3. Do it differently

Choose a new location where you can sit comfortably to carry out the official task. This place can be anywhere in the company compound, near cafeteria or even your recreation room. Location and different settings also play a major role in mitigating the stress of mind and body.

4. Refresh your playlist

Listening to same old songs also makes one jaded. Keep refreshing your playlist to boost your brain power. Studies conducted on a group of people have postulated that music lowers levels of depression and anxiety among the affected individuals. Results of a research study conducted by Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory revealed that music strengthens the power of brain to deal with critical tasks that involves retaining information, controlling behavior, making, and problem-solving.  So why not listen to music when it offers wonderful advantages to overcome job monotony. Plug-in the earphones to tread through a refreshing new day at work.

5. Discuss about job enrichment

When a person works on the same project and profile for a prolonged period, loss of interest is one of the common concerns that affect productivity negatively. Lack of new ideas and loss of creativity are bound to settle in mind. To combat this issue, talk to your manager and ask him or her to change the nature of our job for a while. Job enrichment can help you overcome stress of dealing with the same task every day. You will observe surge in your productivity when job enrichment is in place.

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6. Go for flexi time schedule

At times, flexi time schedule helps to break the monotony of work. When an office goer is bound to work in 9 to 5 job, it can be unexciting to envision personal growth. A flexi schedule gives breathing space wherein you can manage missing work life balance and manage tasks accordingly. If your organisation allows for flexi time schedule, make the best use of it to avoid the peak time traffic jams and reach to work before others.

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