How professionals can identify and use transferable skills for a career change

Dec 4, 2017 18:45 IST
Transferable skills for career change

Are you planning to change your job? Wait! Do you think you have the required skill, knowledge and expertise that would be mandatory in your next career destination? If you have not considered it yet, then it’s high time for you to start thinking, and polish your skills.

Every human being is born with some special skill, which makes him/her stand out from the crowd. Interestingly, those skills don’t need much classroom teachings but regular practice. 

In a career change, these transferable skills that you gain through various volunteer works, hobbies, sports and other life experiences play an important role. But, identifying these skills and using them in the best possible manner is a challenging task.

In this article, we have tried to explain how can you identify and use the transferable skills for the career change.

Identify skills you require

In job description, you can find the details related to the particular skills, knowledge and expertise that are required for the job you see as your next career destination. So, first read the job description and then check if the skills, knowledge and expertise you have are sufficient for the disposal of your duties at new workplace. If not, then try to improve those additionally skills needed for easy disposal of the duties. Through this process, you will be able to properly mark the skills you need which can help you to identify the area that require more preparation.

Identify the skills you have

The job you are looking at as your next career destination may require some of the skills you already have. You just need to identify them. To identify such skills, again go to the job description and read it carefully. There could be some kind of work that you have already been doing in your current organisation. Mark it carefully and continue to look for the area you require more preparation.   It would help you to figure out the skills you require for the career change which can help you make the necessary preparations for the next job.

Identify the skills for improvement

After identifying the skills you have and the skills you require, you need to identify the skills you need to improve. You may have done some particular kind of works which you have forgotten now. Mark the skills that you have been using to accomplish that work. After identifying the skills you require to improve, begin to make preparation. It would help you to emerge as qualified and efficient professional for the job you see as your next career destination which can help you for the complete transition of your career.  

Demonstrate your skills smartly

The skills, knowledge, and expertise you have can’t give you any result if you don’t know how to demonstrate them. So, try to develop the skill to demonstrate you expertise, knowledge, and skills in such a way that can give you a good result. And demonstrate your skills in a way to impress your interviewer or new employers so that he/she take a chance on you. It would help you to impress your interviewer or employer who plays a decisive role in career change.

Past experiences

In your previous jobs, you may have done some particular kind of works which you have forgotten now.  Go to your previous jobs and try to identify the different kind of skills that you have been using at your previous workplaces. 

After identifying them, try to improve them. With the due course of practice, you become able to accomplish different kind of works as efficiently as you have been doing at your previous workplaces. It would help you to emerge as a qualified professional for the job you see as your next career destination.


In the diversified job market, particular skills are required for different jobs. In such a situation, changing career is a tough task. But, there are some unique skills that can make this tough job of career change very easy. In this article, we have told you about some Transferrable Skills that can help you while making a career change.

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