How to crack IAS Prelims 2019

May 2, 2019 17:21 IST
How to crack IAS Prelims 2019

Keeping the changing pattern of Prelims exam in mind, candidates are required to pay more attention on micro coverage of syllabus. As the exam is approaching, some of you may feel the pressure and anxiety. You may have been in doubt about completing your syllabus. This is quite common and you need not to be panic. Here are some steps to help you in final days of preparation.

1. Conceptual clarity is the first and foremost condition in getting through the exam. So, revise the source that already have been studied.

2. Some of you might feel that even after revision, you are not able to recall what you have read. This is mainly due to less number of revisions. Though recapitulating capacity vary from person to person but on average several revisions (3-4 time) are required for consolidating information in mind.

3. You need to revise your current affairs notes more often as Pre exam requires more factual knowledge on current affairs and then every current affairs news to static portion. Because more questions from micro topics are being asked in Pre exam. So integration of current affairs with static is must.

4. If you have not prepared notes for current affairs, you can take yearly compilations of current affairs’ which covers the topics thoroughly.

5. Practicing MCQs is one of the best way for consolidating your knowledge.

6. For this, several test series are available in the market which covers MCQs from conceptual to advance level, NCERTs to standard books and current affairs to previous year UPSC questions. For more practice you can visit to GS SCORE institutes website i.e-

7. On an average practicing at least 5000 MCQs (100 questions/day in last 40-50 days) is required before exam to ensure effective time management, mind-hand coordination, clarifying doubts and adding new facts.

8. If you are not analysing mistakes done in the test series, it will not help you. Generally, students do three types of mistakes- one conceptual, two factual and third silly.

9. Practice avoids silly mistakes like filling wrong bubbles, marking wrong option and not reading the question carefully. Therefore, practice more.

10. For better result you must take few full Mock test in UPSC simulation environment. GSSCORE provides such opportunity in most of the state capitals of the country.a

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