How to crack MBA Interviews? | Tips by FMS Delhi Toppers

Mar 29, 2019 12:02 IST

MBA Interviews are a tough nut to crack, especially when it comes to the admission interviews conducted by top B-schools in India. The MBA interview panel which comprises of professors and alumni assess different aspects of an MBA aspirant’s personality starting from their personal details, academic details, professional work experience and general socio-economic and political awareness. To help you understand the key focus areas that an aspirant must work on for MBA interviews, students and toppers from FMS Delhi, University of Delhi, share tips to crack MBA interviews.

Extracts from the Interview:

Thanmay Krishna
Finance Secretary, MSA
FMS Delhi

MBA Interviews are all about identifying the future leaders and help in training them. So, what do B-schools look for in future MBA candidates?They look for leaders! How do you be a leader? For that, you have to be ready in terms of your knowledge in Current Affairs, Business, Global Affairs and also understand their impact on the Indian market. A particular tip that helped me during my interview preparation is that all the MBA Interviews usually happen around the same time when the (Union) Budget is prepared. So, if you are ready with your Budget, it will help you with your Current Affairs as well.

Leena Kiro
President, Vihaan Social Service Cell,
FMS Delhi

In order to prepare for your MBA interview, you need to ensure that you know yourself the best.  You need to understand what are your motivations for doing an MBA? What is your educational background, and the kind of work that you have done previously. You need to be thorough with all these aspects. Secondly, you need to practice a lot. You can practice alone with a phone recorder or with a video recorder, so that later, you can refer to it and understand where you are lagging. In MBA interviews, it doesn’t matter if you are confident with your English, or not, there are lot of students who are from a non-English background and yet make it to the IIMs, FMS and other top MBA institutes. You just need to be confident and the best version of yourself to crack MBA interviews.

Shivani Joshi
1st Year Student,
FMS Delhi

For MBA Interviews, the most important thing is to keep up with the latest news and happenings. This is then followed by your academic and professional profile. To put it straight, you should be thorough about everything that you have done in terms of your educational background and work experience. You also need to be thorough with everything that you have listed on your CV. Lastly, practice how to speak on different topics and be confident while expressing your ideas.

Rezvin Basheer
General Secretary, MSA
FMS Delhi

MBA Interviews are mostly conducted by the faculty members and alumni of the colleges. The key thing that they try to assess during an MBA admission interview is to check if you are capable of taking the brand identity of the B-school ahead. For this, the first thing that they check is your communication skills. Because, irrespective of your grades and talent, if you are unable to communicate it clearly you will not be a good manager.

Secondly, they will check your knowledge about current affairs and latest happenings related to topics of national and international importance. Thirdly, they will question you on your academic and professional profile. This includes every single thing that you have mentioned in your CV. So, you should be thorough with all the basic things. If you are thorough with all things that you have done till now in the past then that means the interviewer will also feel confident that whatever you will be doing in the two years, you will be able to represent the brand and be a torchbearer.

Ravi Kumar
1st Year Student,
FMS Delhi

For MBA interviews, the most important thing is General Knowledge and not just Knowledge, but you must also know the implications of what is happening around you. Because, knowing what is happening is one part, but as someone who is doing Business Administration, you should know what are the implications of those things on the macro environment. So, your opinion matters, your knowledge matters and the way you express both of them, also matters, when it comes to cracking MBA admission interviews.

Rahul Philip
President, Systems & Operations Society
FMS Delhi

For MBA interviews, the most crucial thing is that you should come across as a very aware person. You should know a lot of things about what’s going on, especially around the economic environment. For instance, the MBA interview panel will not only expect you to be aware of the ‘farmer distress’ they will also expect you to know, understand and be able to explain the basic reasons behind it. So, for MBA interviews, you should be able to define the problems, analyse them in depth and also be able to offer pragmatic solutions for them.

Shubhangi Jain
1st Year Student,
FMS Delhi

Preparing for MBA Admission Interviews is a step-by-step process. As a first step, you need to prepare answers to the typical HR questions such as tell me something about yourself or why you want to pursue an MBA. Secondly,  the interview panel will also assess you on academics and your educational background. Thirdly, it is important to be thorough with different aspects related to your work experience. Fourthly, you should also be aware of the current affairs and the latest happenings that are of national and international importance. For this, it is very important for you to read newspapers on a daily basis.