How to write answers that will fetch you good marks

Writing a good answer is a skill not everybody has but with the steps mentioned below, it shouldn't be that difficult.

Created On: Jan 20, 2021 20:36 IST
Write Answers that fetch You Good Marks
Write Answers that fetch You Good Marks

Ever wondered why people with the same amount of information on a certain topic get different grades or marks? It is because some of them are better at writing answers than others. Knowing what to write and how can change your grades vary to a very large extent. But the advantage of writing a good answer goes far beyond getting good marks. It helps the students frame their opinion and shape them into words. Writing a good answer is a skill not everybody has but with the steps mentioned below, it shouldn't be that difficult.

Answer questions from previous years

Answering questions from previous years' exams is advised not only for sharpening answer giving skills but also to figure out a pattern in questions, if any. You can look at questions from past 10 years and start answering them one by one. This will help you to figure out the pattern of the paper and the formation of questions, besides improving your timing. You can devise your strategies according to distribution of marks. For example, you might want to start with questions you know the best and move on to ones you do not know that well. You can also go for the opposite strategy, depending on what you are comfortable with.

Writing a blog

When you start a blog, you are the writer and editor of it and can write whatever you want. If your content is rich and relatable, you will find an audience for it very soon and start getting valuable comments which will let you know what are your areas of improvement. It will help you frame your thoughts while increasing your social media reach with every new post.

Sharpen your vocabulary
Knowing a lot of appropriate words will make your thinking process faster and you will be able to write better answers in the exam. There are various exercises to increase the vocabulary but nothing as effective as reading. Learning English through reading is the best way because it helps you become better at the usage of words without getting bored. Keep a dictionary with yourself and look up for words that you cannot understand for clarity.

Develop the habit of writing notes yourself

It might sound cliché but writing notes yourself is a useful practice and beneficial in the long run. Make your notes and modify the regularly to prescribe to the given word limit. This will serve the dual purpose of gathering useful content and help you save time in the exam.

Use your own content
When asked a specific question in the exam, use the content from your own notes as that will help you gain confidence. Use the content of the notes effectively in the exam as and when asked in the respective questions. Create and curate content yourself. Remember that it is an exam and not an extempore competition where you need to express opinions on the spot, so it would be advisable to have the answer prepared beforehand.

Refer to multiple resources    

Always refer to multiple resources while making the notes so that your answers are backed by a rich perspective. By referring many sources, you will be able to gather information and put it in your answers. You will also develop an excellent grasp on the subject matter. This will also help you think out of the box in case something creative is asked in the paper since you will have read so many different sides on the same issue or topic.

Create answers out of notes
Learning the art of turning notes into answers will save you tremendous amount of time and energy. It won't be easy first but you will get the hang of it eventually. Just jotting everything down is not going to be a helpful practice in the exams and you will be required to be creative and sensible with your notes. The time that you save because of not having to curate the answers can be used in portions that require you to think more.

Revise your notes and answers
Regular revision of notes will help you remember the concepts so that you do not have to start over with the syllabus again. Revision will build your confidence and you will be able to attempt questions in a better way in the exams. Make sure you revise the notes on daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve good marks.

Online answer writing assignments
There are many websites which allow students to practice writing answers. You can simply make an account there and practice writing answers which will also be then evaluated. This step is mainly for admission to higher education courses like MBA etc.

Writing good answers can go a long way in fetching you good marks in the exams so don't be lazy and definitely not underestimate how much difference continuous practice can make.

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