IIM-Calcutta CAT Toppers share tips to ace MBA entrance exams

Oct 24, 2018 16:53 IST

CAT Toppers from IIM Calcutta share tips and tricks that they followed to crack CAT exam. They also share ways in which MBA aspirants can stay focused and inspired during their preparation for MBA entrance exams in their journey to the top MBA colleges in India like IIM-Calcutta.

Extracts from the interview

Samiksha Srivastava

President – Entrepreneurship Cell

IIM Calcutta

I have just two advices:

  1. Do not over-work yourself, be calm and relaxed while taking the CAT exam because that is the best way to complete the entire CAT paper in the given amount of time
  2. Be focused and try to decode the kind of question patterns that are asked in the exam. Make sure you are taking the right mock exams. Solve previous year papers to understand the difficulty level and format of questions that are generally asked in the CAT exam.

Abhilash Bhatia

Alumni Secretary – Student Council

IIM Calcutta

The key to cracking CAT exam lies in believing in yourself and trying to identify your weaknesses during the early stages of your preparation. This will give you enough time to work on them. At the same time, candidates must also focus on their strengths. CAT exam is a one day event and there is a chance you might not perform well on that given day. In such case, it is important to never give-up and keep on working towards the final goal.

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Aaditya Ranade

Sports Secretary – Student Council

IIM Calcutta

It is important to not get bogged down by the competition. Expecting high percentile scores, as high as 99.6 and 99.7 surely adds to the overall pressure of the CAT exam. But the key to cracking CAT lies in being calm and rational during the exam. The same thing will also be expected from you once you walk out of the B-school and join the industry. So, candidates must stay calm under pressure and stay composed and focused when it matters the most. It is also important to believe in yourself and the preparation that you have done for the CAT exam. On the exam day, just take a deep breath and appear for the CAT exam in calm composed and focused manner and you should be able to score well.

Parita Shah

Overall Coordinator – Intaglio (Annual Business Summit)

IIM Calcutta

To crack the exam, keep working hard and do not get disappointed if you don’t do well in one of the few mock tests. Learn from the mistakes that you do in the mocks and prep harder again and win over your fears. This will help you do well in the CAT exam.

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External Relations Secretary

IIM Calcutta

You should know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Knowing this simple fact will help you win any battle in the world, including cracking the CAT MBA entrance exam. Also, divide the CAT prep into different parts; from these identity the parts which can be your strengths and the ones that require work and improvements. Follow the same techniques for mastering each of the sections in CAT. For instance, in DILR identify the type and format of questions that you are good at; try answering them first during the exam. This will help you improve your score. Similarly, identify the questions which are stressful or difficult to solve and skip them.

Prateek Bansal

Overall Coordinator – Carpe Diem (Annual Cultural Festival)

IIM Calcutta

Give it your best and don’t worry if you are unable to make it to top MBA Colleges in India like the IIMs in the first go. You have other opportunities as well. For those who manage to crack the CAT exam and reach IIMs and other top B-schools, don’t be over-confident; you are among the best and you need to work hard in order to succeed here.

Gowtam Marada

PGP Representative – Student Council

IIM Calcutta

There are three sections in the CAT written exams. So after the thorough analysis of the previous year papers, I found that DILR would be the toughest section to crack. So, I focused on it particularly. Also, try not to let the performance of one particular section affect others. If you are unable to do well in any one section, try to cover ground in the others. Simply put, start each section a-fresh and you shouldn’t let your performance in other sections affect your overall CAT performance.

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