Important topics for the IAS Interview, 2011–National Issues

A compilation of the must read National issue’s Current Affairs topics for the upcoming IAS interview. Make your final touch complete with Jagran Josh Current Affairs column for the IAS interview.

Created On: Jun 6, 2011 08:03 IST
Modified On: Apr 11, 2013 16:59 IST
IAS Interview, 2011–National Issues
IAS Interview, 2011–National Issues

In the UPSC interview, candidates are deeply evaluated on the grounds of their general current affairs awareness of the country in which they are aiming to be the bureaucrats. The candidates must know the daily happenings of the country they want to lead, being in the system that is run in the country. So, Jagran Josh has given here in this column, important topics for the national current affairs from the UPSC interview point of view.

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JPC Committee Was Formed to Probe the 2G Spectrum Scam

Union Cabinet of India Approved the Amendments to the Indian Forest Act, 1927

The Supreme Court of India: Article 21 is Applicable even to Foreigners

FATF Report Found the Law to Check Money Laundering in India not Satisfactory

Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal Awarded Largest Krishna Surplus Share to AP

Hydro Project in Arunachal Pradesh

CBI Signed Agreement with NASSCOM to Deal with Cyber Crime

India: Consensus Needed for Greater Nagaland

Supreme Court: Judicial Background Compulsory for Tribunal Membership


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