India Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers June 2011, June 13-June 19

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Jun 24, 2011 18:02 IST
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Quizzes on the India Current Affairs section are designed to cover the wide range of national issues, international events, and other information from different segments which are of general human interest. Taking the India Current Affairs Quiz for June 2011 will update you on the latest incidents that the world is talking about. The quizzes on Current Affairs will equip you to take all competitive examinations as well.

1. Which society celebrates the festival of Saga Dawa?
a. Tibetan society
b. Assamese society
c. Bengali society
d. Manipuri society
Answer: (a)

2. Noted Gandhian philosophy exponent, Thomas Clough Daffern won which of the following awards in 2011?
a. Anuvrat Ahimsa international peace award
b. Rabindra Puraskar
c. National Book Critics Circle Award
d. The Roland Robinson Literary Award
Answer: (a)

3. Who made agreements with India in 2011, for cleaning Ganga river?
a. WHO
b. Organisation of African Unity
c. World Bank
d. Asian Development Bank
Answer: (c)

4. Which state of India introduced in June 2011, a social audit of the state’s over two thousand panchayats twice a year?
a. Bihar
b. Rajasthan
c. Assam
d. Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: (c)

5. Consider the following statements with regard to the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill, 2011 -
a. The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill, 2011 was passed by the West Bengal Assembly b. The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill, 2011 was passed on 14 June 2011
c. The main objective of the Bill was to return 400 acres of land at Singur to the farmers
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)


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