India Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers June 2011, June 6-June 12

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Jun 12, 2011 16:34 IST
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India Current Affairs Quiz
India Current Affairs Quiz

Quizzes on the India Current Affairs section are designed to cover the wide range of national issues and other informations related to India from different segments which are of general human interest. Taking the India Current Affairs Quiz for June 2011 will update you on the latest incidents that occured in India. The quizzes on India Current Affairs will equip you to take all competitive examinations as well.

1. Cabinet Committee on Security in its meeting on 6 June 2011 (CCS) gave its nod for National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID). Who among the following chaired the meeting of Cabinet Committee on Security?
a) Prime Minister
b) Home Minister
c) Defence Minister
d) Finance Minister
Answer: (a) Prime Minister

2. Which one of the following state assembly adopted a resolution demanding economic sanctions against Sri Lanka?
a) Bihar
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) Andhra Pradesh
Answer: (b) Tamil Nadu

3. Former finance secretary Ashok Chawla was selected by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for the post of chairman of which of the following bodies?
a.    Competition Commission of India (CCI)
b.    Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI)
c.    Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
d.    Food Corporation of India (FCI)
Answer: (a)

4. Which state government formed an apex body, headed by the chief secretary, to catalogue and mark progress of restoration for each listed waterbody?
a.    Delhi government
b.    Rajasthan government
c.    Gujarat government
d.    Haryana government
Answer: (a)

5. The Spices Board on 5 June 2011 launched a campaign to educate farmers, traders and exporters about aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxin that degrades spices exported from India. The campaign was launched following rapid alerts issued by the European Union against aflatoxin in which of the following export items from India?
a.    Nutmeg and Mace
b.    Cambodge & Mace
c.    Swwet Flag & Star Anice
d.    Nutmeg & Sweet Flag
Answer: (a)


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