International Education: Picking the right university and course

Sep 11, 2017 12:52 IST
International Education: Picking the right university and course

Studying abroad has countless perks. In a growing economy like India, it is obvious that the millennial generation has aspirations to get the best education that the world has to offer. So, it doesn’t come across as a big surprise that the demand for study abroad options is growing by the day. Studying in a foreign university, which was an aspiration in the decade gone-by, has now become the need of the hour.

While, the need of good study abroad options are on the rise, there are several challenges as well which students face when they decide to leave their home turf in the search of good educational avenues. Despite a barrage of opportunities staring them in the face, students shy away and withdraw their application because of the apprehensions they attach with living in a foreign country. Studying abroad is an exciting, enriching and a fulfilling experience. However, it is also daunting and overwhelming at the same time. For an International student requires constant support to adjust in a new place, new culture, a new language and learn new education system.

However, some foreign universities have taken it upon themselves to bridge this gap and provide international students a home away from home. With especially designed programs and courses, they make sure that a student coming from another country does not feel out of place. One such course is International Accelerator Program at University of Illinois Chicago which is specifically for international students.

The IAP Program at University of Illinois Chicago which is specifically for international students fits the bill perfectly. And you don’t have to take our word for it, check it out yourself below:

What is UIC Global: International Accelerator Program?

UIC Global: International Accelerator Program is aimed to provide a unique experience to international students who come to the United States and assist them and be home away from home. The faculty and staff organize activities to do around the city so that students get to know Chicago better. Other benefits of the program are:

Simple admissions process and classes tailored to your academic and English-language level.

Free airport pickup, greater attention in smaller classes and language and academic help.

Professional development courses, internship assistance and greater cultural understanding.

If selected, you need to apply for your visa, fill out required paperwork and pay your tuition before you arrive on campus.

Why is UIC the university you should aim for?

With one of the most diverse student populations in the nation, University of Illinois at Chicago is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for its students and fostering a sense of belonging. The campus is located in a bustling city, and there’s no shortage of exciting opportunities.

The campus

With recreation, athletics, arts and entertainment the campus is always buzzing with energy. If you want to get involved but don't know how to go about it, you’ll get an introduction to campus life during orientation. Apart from that there is a UIC Involvement Fair held once each semester, to meet with members of UIC’s many student organizations.

Student Support

UIC supports learning and personal development and its goal is to give students a wide range of experiences that build skills for school and life. The University of Illinois at Chicago helps students succeed in a challenging, exciting and diverse global community of scholars.

The university provides students with financial, socio cultural, health and wellness and career support to make sure all their needs and problems are taken care of.

In Summation…

When students are going out of the country, they need a good support system to feel welcomed and UIC does the same for its international students. Diversity is embraced at UIC. Among UIC’s 29,000 students, there’s no racial or ethnic majority. The cultural centers and organizations of the university serve a diverse population, and foster success and a sense of community.

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