Interview Tips: What not to do in an interview

Interview Tips.   Take care not to make these mistakes in an interview which can throw off the interview and your chances for the job.  JagranJosh.Com

Apr 9, 2011 08:06 IST
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Interview Tips
Interview Tips

Things to avoid during an Interview


You are at the interview.  It is time to put your best foot forward and present yourself in the best possible light to the interviewers.  Go through our essential checklist to avoid making some fauz pas at the interview.   Remain professional at all times during the interview.


Mind your manners in an interview

Chewing Gum / Eating Candy

Looking at the clock / watch

Answering your cell phone / Leaving your cell phone on

Smoking even if the interviewer asks you to

Speaking too loudly

Getting angry or frustrated

Sitting too close to the interviewer


Don't be to casual in an Interview

Being too casual

Reclining your chair / putting your feet up

Rocking your chair back and forth


Sitting before the Interviewer sits

Avoid extravagant gestures / too much hand waving


Take Care of Hygiene Issues before the Interview

Using the bathroom in the middle of an interview

Sweaty palms as you will have to shake hands


Showing too much nervousness in a Interview

Being someone that you are not

Rambling on and on

Exaggerating too much




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