JEE Advanced Solved Chemistry Paper-1 Set X

May 18, 2017 17:06 IST

IIT JEE Examination is held at two levels: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. IIT JEE Advanced 2017 Examination is the only way to get into prestigious IITs.

About Practice Paper

This JEE Advanced Solved Chemistry Paper-1 in this article consists of 18 questions divided into three sections. The questions in this paper have been asked from the complete syllabus.  Each question of this paper is very important from examination point of view and has been developed very carefully by Subject Experts at Jagranjosh.

The format and the marking pattern of the paper is as below:


Question Type

Number of Questions

Full Marks

Partial marks

Negative Marks

Sectional Maximum Marks


Single correct option


If only the bubble corresponding to the correct option is darkened


In all other cases



One or more correct option(s)


if only the bubble(s) corresponding to all the correct option(s) is or are darkened

For darkening a bubble corresponding to each correct option, provided NO correct option is darkened

In all other cases



Single digit integer (0-9)


If only the bubble corresponding to the correct answer is darkened




Few questions from the practice paper are given below:

Q.     According to kinetic theory of gases collisions are always elastic

(a)   heavier molecules transfer more momentum to the wall of the container

(b)  only a small number of molecules have very high velocity

(c)   between collisions, the molecules move in straight lines with constant velocities

(d)  between collisions, the molecules move in straight lines with constant velocities


Correct Option: (a)

According to a postulate of kinetic theory of gases, collision between the    molecules as well as with the wall of container is perfectly elastic in nature.

Hence, option (a) is correct

All other statements are incorrect.

Q.    Benzene and naphthalene form an ideal solution at room temperature. For this process, the true statement(s) is (are)

(a)  ΔG is positive                      

(b)  ΔS system is positive

(c)  ΔS surroundings = 0

(d) ΔH =

Correct Option(s): (b), (c), (d)


When an ideal solution is formed process is spontaneous

According to Raoult's law, for an ideal solution

ΔH = 0, ΔVmin = 0

From the relation


Since, ΔH =

ΔG = – ve

and ΔS surroundings = 0

Therefore, ΔS sys. = + ve

Q. In the titration of HClversus NaOH, the pH of the solution at equivalence point (when temperature is 25C) is

Correct Answer: 7


At the equivalence point, the solution will contain NaCl. Its pH would be 7.

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