JEE Main Solved Mathematics Sample Paper Set-X

Mar 29, 2017 15:34 IST

Find JEE Main Solved Mathematics Sample Paper Set-X in this article. This sample paper consists of 30 questions from Mathematics. Each question is very important from examination point of view and has been designed by Subject Experts at Jagranjosh.

Importance of Sample Paper

Practicing sample papers and previous years’ question papers help in assessing your preparation and time management. It will also help in increasing your marks in examination.

About Exam:

IIT JEE is a national level entrance examination for engineering. It consists of  two level process- JEE Main and JEE Advanced. It is held to give admission to IITs , NITs and various others prestigious engineering institutions.

Few questions from the sample paper are given below:


1.         If eight astronaughts are to go for space walk, then the number of ways in which a specified astronaughts is to walk  before another specified astronaughts is

            (A) 2520                      (B) 20160                    (C) 40320                    (D) none of these

2.         If T, T1, T2, …., Tn represent the terms in the expansion of (x + a)n, then the value of
            (T -T2 + T4 - T6 + …..)2 + (T1 -T3 + T5 + …..)2 is

            (A) (x2 - a2)n                (B) (x2 + a2)n                     (C) (a2 - x2)n                (D) none of these

3.         If G is the G.M. of the product of r sets of observations with geometric means G1, G2, …., Gr respectively, then G is equal to

            (A) logG1 + logG2 + ….. + logGn                    (B) G1.G2 …. Gn

            (C) logG1 . logG2 …. logGn                            (D) none of these

IIT JEE, IIT JEE Sample Paper

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IIT JEE, IIT JEE Sample Paper

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