Job Profile and Promotion Policy of RBI Assistant

RBI Assistant is a job for people who want a secured and comfortable life as well as somebody who wants to make their career in one of the prestigious central banks of the world. Here we are discussing job profile and promotion prospects of RBI Assistant.

Nov 3, 2017 14:53 IST
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Job Profile and Promotion Policy of RBI Assistant
Job Profile and Promotion Policy of RBI Assistant

Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the central bank of the country, comes out with regular notifications to recruit assistants in its offices across the country. RBI is one of the most prestigious organizations in the country and in the banking sector, it is the regulator of banking industry in India, so, every banking aspirant aspires to enter that hallowed building of RBI as an employee. Now, what are the things that wait for an assistant in RBI once he gets into the job? We shall look at the life of an individual as an RBI assistant.

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RBI Assistant: What do you have to do?

Being an assistant in RBI is pretty much the same as in other public sector organizations. The job profile includes the following:

  • File Work: This is the most common job you have to do as an assistant at RBI. You will be asked to maintain files on various matters of the organization.
  • Data Entry: A common job for any assistant in public sector or private sector organization. You will given some data and you have to feed them in the system provided so that the organization can go back to them when required.
  • Replying to mails: RBI surely gets a lot of letters everyday and as an assistant, you have to draft the replies to most of them and then you have to get it approved by your boss before making the final copy.
  • Making RTI Applicants happy: Nothing but giving replies to RTI queries that will be forwarded to RBI by the Information Commission and again you are in charge of drafting the replies to them.
  • Inward and Outward Mail Entry: RBI gets a lot of letters as well as sends a lot of them too. You may be asked to maintain the record of the same as an assistant.

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RBI Assistant: What do you get for what you do?

Being an assistant in RBI is not a small feat and if somebody is wondering after reading their job profile, just go through the salary and perks part of the post and you will be happier again. So, here are the things you are entitled to as an assistant in RBI:

  • Salary and Allowances: As an assistant, your basic salary will be Rs 8040 and after adding dearness allowance, house rent allowance, city compensatory allowance, transport allowance etc, the total monthly emoluments come to around 24500/-.
  • Accommodation facility: RBI Assistants are eligible for official accommodation but the condition is that it should be available and if you are taking official accommodation, you are not entitled to House Rent Allowance.
  • Books and Newspaper Allowance: As an assistant in RBI, you are entitled to book grant allowance, newspaper allowance etc. Apart from that, they are entitled to brief case grant too as an assistant.
  • Conveyance Expenses: If you have a vehicle and you use it for official purposes, you are entitled for reimbursement of the maintenance expenses incurred on the vehicle every month.
  • Medical Facilities: RBI takes care of its employees in sickness and health issues as you will be reimbursed for any treatment expenses and hospitalization charges. While it is 100% for the employees, 75% of the total cost is reimbursed in case of the dependents of the employees.
  • LTC / LFC Facility: You are eligible for Leave Fare Concession(LFC) or Leave Travel. Concession(LTC) facility provided by the bank as it will reimburse you for your trip to anywhere in the country. In case you are not interested in going on a trip, you can encash your LFC / LTC facility.
  • Interest Free loans: As an employee of the central bank, you are eligible for interest free loans for housing, car, education, personal consumables etc.

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RBI Assistant: Where shall I be after 10 years?

One of the most important aspects of a job is the promotional avenues, especially with the ambitious youth of today. RBI offers exceptional opportunities for persons who want to make it big in their lives. There are two ways one can get promotion.

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  • Seniority Basis: This is for people who are not interested in moving to the executive role in the bank. After 10 years as an assistant, you will be promoted to special assistant and after that, you are eligible for senior assistant etc.
  • Merit Basis: The persons who are ambitious enough to shoulder responsibility can take the departmental examination after 5 years as assistant to become Grade A officer or the Assistant Manager, which is the lowest in the hierarchy of officer cadre at RBI with Grade F being the topmost. After that, you come to Grade B or Manager level, Grade C or Assistant General Manager, Grade D or Deputy General Manager, Grade E or General Manager and last but not the least, Grade F in which the Deputy Governors and Governors figure. Generally, an assistant can reach to the level of Deputy Governor in case he is extremely talented.\

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