Last Minute Tips for Examination to Clerical Cadre in Associated Banks of State Bank of India 2012

To know more about the last minute tips for Examination for Recruitment to Clerical Cadre in Associate Banks of State Bank of India, read ahead.

Oct 6, 2012 12:18 IST
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  • Punctuality is a must. All candidates are expected to be present at the Examination Hall at the time given in the call letter. Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Hall.
  • Candidates are required to affix their recent passport size photograph in the space provided in the call letter and bring it along with a Xerox copy and original of a photo identity proof. The invigilator will collect the call letter along with the Xerox copy of the photo identity proof. Candidates would be required to put their signature and thumb impression in the space provided on the call letter in the presence of the invigilator in the exam hall.
  • Candidates would be provided a sealed Question Booklet and an answer-sheet by the invigilator. When asked to START, they should gently cut-open the cover page of the Question Booklet from the right hand side using blunt end of pencil, to open it and check all the pages and questions in it. If something is missing/not properly printed, they should request the invigilator for another Question booklet of the same Form Number.
  • Candidates are required to fill in the information on the answer-sheet with HB pencil and ball-point pen.  Ball-point pen should be used for filling up information in boxes 1-11 on Side 1 and HB pencil should be used to fill information in boxes 13-28 on side 1 of the answer sheet and box 29 on side 2 of the answer sheet. Answers to objective type questions on side 2 should be marked by using HB pencil only. All the information asked for in the answer-sheet and question booklet should be filled otherwise answer-sheet will not be assessed.
  • Handle the answer sheet with extreme care and keep it dust free as it is to be evaluated by machine. Machine will not evaluate any answer sheet that is mutilated, torn, folded, wrinkled or rolled.
  • After the test is over, the answer-sheet and question booklet should be handed to the invigilator. Any candidate who does not return any of the test materials or is found to attempt to take or pass on the question booklet or answer-sheet inside or outside the examination hall will be disqualified.
  • Rough work, if any, should be done on the question booklet and not on the answer-sheet.
  • There is provision of negative marking. For every question answered incorrectly, one-fourth or 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. Choosing more than one option as answer for a question would be considered as wrong even if one of the given answers happens to be right and there will be same penalty as above for that question. If the total of the penalty for test is in fraction, it will be rounded off to the nearest integer.
  • If a question is not answered, there will be no penalty for that question.
  • Candidates should not use an H, 2H / HH, 3H type pencils as marks made by such hard pencil are too light and will not be read by the computerized machine. Similarly you should NOT use too soft pencils like B/BB/ 2B etc.
  • If a candidate is/has been found guilty of –

i) Copying or allowing copying;

ii) Using unfair means during the test;

iii) Impersonating or procuring impersonation by any person;

iv) Misbehaving at the examination venue;

v) Taking away question booklet/answersheet from examination hall.

vi) Resorting to any other irregular or improper means;

vii) Obtaining support of his/her candidature by any means.

He/she will, in addition to rendering himself/herself liable to criminal prosecution, be liable to,

(a) Disqualification from selection process at any stage

(b) Be debarred permanently/for specific period from any examination or selection by the Bank.

  • How to answers objective type questions?

For each question, 5 ovals marked 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are provided as answers’ options. Using a HB pencil, candidate should blacken the oval bearing the correct answer (according to them) against the serial number of the question. The oval should be dark enough and should be filled in completely.

  • How to change an answer?

For changing an answer, candidate should ‘erase completely’ the already darkened oval by using good quality eraser and then blacken the new oval bearing the revised answer number. While changing the answer, erasing the earlier answer completely and clearly is extremely essential. If it is not erased properly, smudges will be left on the erased oval and the question will be read as having two answers and one fourth of the questions’ marks would be deducted.

  • Use of Mobile Phones / pagers / calculator / Books / Notes or any such devices is banned inside examination hall:

Mobile phones / pagers or any other communication devices are not allowed inside the premises where the examination is being conducted. Any infringement of these instructions shall entail cancellation of candidature and disciplinary action including ban from future examinations.

Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any of the banned item including mobile phones/ pagers to the venue of the examination, as arrangement for safekeeping cannot be assured.

Candidates are not permitted to use or have in possession of calculators, separate or with watch, in examination premises.

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