LSAT India Mock Test 2021

Candidates appearing for LSAT India can find information about LSAT India 2021 mock test here.

Created On: Nov 11, 2020 13:49 IST
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LSAT India Mock Test 2021: Candidates preparing for LSAT India must attempt LSAT India 2021 mock test as a part of their preparation. The conducting body released the official mock test of LSAT India 2021 for the candidates who successfully registered. Pearson  VUE designs the official LSAT India 2021 mock test on behalf of Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for candidates to attempt as LSAT India mock test 2021. Candidates attempting the mock test of LSAT India 2021 will have prior knowledge about the exam pattern, the type and pattern of questions, etc. Practising the LSAT India 2021 mock test will provide the candidates to create exam day like conditions, which will help them hone their preparation. Candidates are advised to read the article below to get complete information on LSAT India mock test 2021.

LSAT India Mock Test 2021 - Importance

  • Law School Admission Council will conduct LSAT India 2021 as an online test in the Computer-Based mode for the first time. Candidates practising LSAT India mock test 2021 will have information about the type of questions they can expect in the test which will prepare them for the actual challenge on the exam day.
  • It is advised that candidates try and solve the LSAT India 2021 mock test in a time-bound manner to have a better understanding of how to manage their time as time-management is a must-have skill required for the online exam.
  • The LSAT India 2021 mock test will allow the candidates to know about the various types of topics from which they can expect questions in the examination.
  • In addition to knowing about the range of topics, solving mock test of LSAT India 2021 will allow candidates to formulate a strategy of how to approach each section coupled with managing their time as they attempt various questions.
  • LSAT India mock test is free and can be attempted by all the candidates who had registered for the exam.

How to take LSAT India Mock Test 2021

Candidates can follow the steps mentioned below to attempt the mock test of LSAT India 2021.

  • Visit the official website of LSAT India 2021
  • In the window that opens, click on the link for ‘Prepare for the test’ under the ‘LSAT-India’ tab
  • Click on the link to download LSAT India mock test 2021
  • Set your watch to a timer
  • Attempt the LSAT India 2021 mock test
  • Solve the questions until the timer sets off
  • Match your answers with that of the answer key provided at the end

LSAT India 2021 - Preparation Tips

LSAT India is conducted by Law School Admission Council to screen candidates for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law courses in its associated colleges. In addition, several other colleges accept LSAT India scores for accepting students into their law programmes. LSAT India 2021 will thus, be attempted by thousands of students across the country. Candidates appearing in the test can benefit a lot by following the preparation tips mentioned below.

  • At the onset of preparation for LSAT India 2021, candidates must /make themselves familiar with the detailed syllabus for the exam.
  • Candidates should plan their study schedule in accordance with the syllabus, i.e. according to the weightage and mark distribution attributed to each section/topic in the syllabus.
  • Law School Admission Council also recommends a list of books and study material which the candidates must utilize to prepare for the exam. Additionally, candidates can also refer to the top recommended books for each section.
  • The official website of LSAT India also enlists questions which the candidates are advised to read and work though.
  • Candidates should brush up on their grammar and comprehension skills as a major portion of the question paper comprises of the same.
  • For the analytical and logical reasoning sections, candidates should make habit of reading essays. In addition to this, candidates must solve questions from previous year papers of LSAT India. With regular practice, candidates are likely to be able to solve such questions in a more time-efficient manner.
  • In case, candidates find it difficult to comprehend a particular section, they should utilize the Handbook provided on the official website which provided in-detail description on how to understand and analyze a particular type of section.