CBSE Class 10 Science NCERT Solutions: Chapter 16, Management of Natural Resources

Jul 25, 2018 14:28 IST
Management of Natural Resources: NCERT Solutions

NCERT books contain a variety of questions given at the end of each chapter which are based on every conceptual topic. Students must solve all these NCERT questions to keep a track of their understanding. Practicing the NCERT questions will assure good results as most of the questions in board examinations are asked from NCERT textbooks.

In this article we are providing NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science chapter 16, Management of Natural Resources. Prepared by the subject matter experts, these solutions will help you get the right approach to all the NCERT questions and clear your concepts.  

Students may download the NCERT solutions for Class 10 Science chapter- Management of Natural Resources, in the form of PDF. 

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 10: Management of Natural Resources, are as follows:

Q. Find out about the traditional systems of water harvesting/management in your region.

Sol. One of the traditional systems of water harvesting used in our region is tanks.

Q. Find out the source of water in your region/locality. Is water from this source available to all people living in that area?

Sol. The source of water in our region is ground water. Water from the source is available to all the people living in that area.

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Q. Can you suggest some changes in your school which would make it environment-friendly?

Sol. Changes that can be undertaken in our schools to make it environment friendly are listed below:

  • Save electricity by switching off lights and fans when not required.
  • Turn the taps off when not in use.
  • Biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes should be thrown into separate bins.

Q. What can you as an individual do to reduce your consumption of the various natural resources?

Sol. Natural resources such as water, forests, coal and petroleum, etc. are important for the survival of human beings.

The ways in which we can reduce the consumption of various natural resources are as:

  • Don’t waste water
  • Practice rainwater harvesting
  • Stop deforestation
  • Use recycled paper to reduce the cutting down of trees.
  • Practice car pooling to avoid the excessive use of petroleum.

Get the complete the NCERT solutions for Class 10: Management of Natural Resources, from the following link:

Class 10 Science NCERT Solutions: Management of Natural Resources

Class 10 Science NCERT Chapter: Management of Natural Resources

Before solving the questions given in the Class 10 Science NCERT chapter- Management of Natural Resources, students should thoroughly read this chapter to grasp all the concepts explained in it. This will help you understand the problem discussed in a question and then come with an appropriate answer.

Main topics discussed in Class 10 Science chapter: Management of Natural Resources are:

  • Need to manage our resources
  • Forests and wild life


                Sustainable management

  • Water
  • Dams
  • Water harvesting
  • Coal and petroleum

Find below the link to download the complete Chapter:

Class 10 Science NCERT Chapter: Management of Natural Resources

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