MBA Data Interpretation Aptitude Questions & Answers – Line Chart Set-I

Practice the concepts of Line Chart at MBA section of to ace the Data Interpretation section. Prepare well for your CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP etc exams.

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Questions on line graph are often seen in the CAT Exam and other important management entrances as well. These questions are important not just for the quantitative aptitude section but also for the Data Interpretation Section as well.

Practice the question on line graph in order to get a good percentile in your targeted management exam.

Directions (1-5) Two different banks declare fixed annual rate of interest on the amounts invested by the people under a special scheme launched by the government to encourage savings. The rate of interest offered by these banks may differ from year to year depending on the market forces of the economy. The annual rate of interest offered by the two banks State bank of India (SBI) and Bank of Baroda over the years is shown by the line graph provided below.

1. A sum of Rs. 3.65 lakhs was deposited with SBI in 2010 for one year. How much more interest would have been earned if the sum was invested in Bank of Baroda?

a) 5475

b) 6700

c) 4560

d) 5825

2. If two different amounts in the ratio 4:5 are invested in SBI and Bank of Baroda respectively in 2009, then the amounts received after one year as interests from SBI and Bank of Baroda are respectively in the ratio?

a) 2 : 1

b) 3 : 1

c) 1 : 1

d) 4 : 1

3. In 2007, a part of Rs. 45 lakhs was invested with Bank of Baroda and the rest was invested with SBI for one year. The total return received was Rs. 5.22 lakhs. What was the amount invested in SBI?

a) 21 lakhs

b) 23 lakhs

c) 19 lakhs

d) None of these

4. A household invested a sum of Rs 23 lakhs in Bank of Baroda 2008. The total amount received after one year was re-invested in the other bank for one more year. The total interest received by the household on his investment was?

a) 4,89,000

b) 4,70,350

c) 5,01,500

d) 5,10,500

5. An investor invested Rs. 5 lakhs in SBI in 2008 as fixed deposit at the existing interest rate on simple interest for three years, calculate the difference in his earnings if he does not make the fixed deposit and the received the varying interest for the next three years.

a) 7500

b) 6800

c) 8500

d) None of these

Directions (Q.6-10): study the graph and answer the question.

Foreign trade in India (in Rs crores)

6. What percent is export of OPEC to import from OPEC?

a) 33%

b) 24.8 %

c) 42.6 %

d) 36.04 %

7. Which country has minimum difference of export and import?

a) European Union

b) LDC


d) North America

8. Difference of export to Eastern Europe and LDC is approx what percent of difference of imports from these?

a) 46%

b) 52%

c) 39%

d) 32%

9. OECD includes European Union, North America, Australia & Japan. Export to OECD is what approx percent of total Indian export?

a) 77 %

b) 52 %

c) 48 %

d) 62 %

10. Imports from OPEC, Eastern Europe & LDC are what approx percent of the total Indian Export?

a) 35%

b) 45%

c) 50%

d) 25%


Ques 1

Ques 2

Ques 3

Ques 4

Ques 5

Ques 6

Ques 7

Ques 8

Ques 9

Ques 10












In this section we will explain the rationale for choosing the answer pertaining to every question. After practicing these MCQ(s), you would be able to understand the concepts of Line Chart.

Explanation (7): 











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