MBA Verbal Ability Questions & Answers – Meaning-Usage Match Set-I

Practice the questions of Meaning-Usage Match at MBA section of to prepare for the Verbal Ability Section of CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP etc.

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MBA Meaning Usage Match
MBA Meaning Usage Match

Meaning-Usage Match questions are very significant when you are preparing for the CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, IIFT, NMAT, IBSAT, MICAT, SNAP etc exams. These questions comprise of a good weightage in your overall percentage of the Verbal Ability Section.

So, has complied a set of some quality questions which will enhance your English grammar usage skills.

Practice the Meaning-Usage Match Questions and Answers

Directions (1 – 10): In each question, the word given in capital letter at the top is used in five different ways, numbered a) to e). Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.


a) Dissatisfaction among the directors soon permeated down to members of the workforce.

b) The smell of onions permeated the room.

c) The permeate in the wind was intolerable.

d) The belief in dowry culture permeates all levels of an Indian society.

e) A feeling of unease permeates the autobiography.


a) The files had been piled on the desk in a haphazard fashion.

b) He tackled the issue in a typically haphazard way.

c) The company’s approach to the problem was haphazard.

d) We saw the flood and made a haphazard retreat into the restaurant.

e) His haphazard reading of the journal left him unacquainted with most of the mentioned important weekly news.


a) He gradually garnered a national reputation as a financial expert.

b) Leonardo garnered several Oscar awards for ‘The Revenant’.

c) Garner the dish with grated coconut before serving.

d) All the information that we garnered has been kept on file.

e) One has to garner all one’s strength and willpower to deny such a luring proposal.


a) He lacked the required finesse to handle the situation.

b) It was a disappointing performance which lacked finesse.

c) She finessed the interview by playing down her lack of experience and talking about her long-standing interest in the field.

d) Typically, partygoers are finesse, recluse are not.

e) Does he have the finesse to deal with labour issues?


a) Her eclecticized work was much praised in the art gallery.

b) Her work draws eclectically on psychoanalysis and mythology.

c) Critics praised the originality and eclecticism of her work.

d) His house is an eclectic mixture of the antique and the modern.

e) She has very eclectic tastes in art.


a) These days, thankfully, women tennis players are not encumbered by long, heavy skirts and high-necked blouses.

b) He fell into a deep encumber.

c) The restrictions imposed by the rampant ‘red tapism’ encumbered the investigation process.

d) The company is encumbered with debt.

e) The rescue operation was encumbered by crowds of TV reporters.


a) A snake writhed out of the bushes.

b) The prisoner writhed in discomfort.

c) Her writhed mood soon cooled down.

d) He was writhing on the floor in agony.

e) She bit her lip, writhing in suppressed fury.


a) She flinched as the cold water struck him.

b) He never flinched from his duty.

c) The play brought a few flinching images to his mind, but on the whole it made no lasting impression on her.

d) She flinched away from the sudden heat.

e) He struck her hard but she did not flinch.


a) The unfair performance review threatened to hinder her career.

b) A snowfall hindered the mountain climbers.

c) I know you are trying to help but you're just being a hindrance.

d) He wishes that the government would stop being hindery with the health service.

e) Landslides are continuing to hinder the arrival of relief supplies.

10. FLAG

a) They raised the white flag in surrender.

b) The driver managed to flag down a passing government vehicle.

c) I promise to flag these things more clearly.

d) Soon her confidence started flagging.

e) The National Flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolor of deep saffron, white and India green.


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